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I wonder if . .

Hi superheros :wink:
My ‘best selling gig’ isn’t appearing in any type of search I try at the moment (search engine/category)
I’m wondering if the reason for this is that an hour I edited the gig.
What do you think?

Also while I have you here: I know the info is somewhere, but I can’t find it.
Ok—I could probably find it but I’m too tired to look. I still don’t understand the difference between ‘impressions, views, and clicks’ in ‘gig performance.’ Maybe someone here has the ultimate answer or link?
Thanks so much.
Hugs, May :penguin:

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Unfortunately, Fiverr has unique algorithm in terms of your gig appearing on search engines.

Sigh. The dreaded algorithms.
I’m used to seeing my gigs on the millionth page, but not seeing at all is confusing me.

Please wait 24-48 hours for your gig to REAPPEAR (magically) back on the SERP.


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@djgodknows Thanks. So does this mean I was right in assuming that the reason was the edit?

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If your edit was small. Like a simple update of one item such as title or key words or price. It is NOT affected.

If your edit was large. Such as major description change, change in packages, etc.
The gig is completely removed for clarification from Fiverr team and then put back on.

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@djgodknows Thanks love for all the info you shared with me in the last 5 minutes on the forum :slight_smile: