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I won't get any sales :(

Here is my gig
Do you see anything wrong in it

“I can make way better logo’s than the one in my profile pic.”

The above is copied from your profile description.

Buyers want to see what you can do so that is what you need to showcase.

Also, you need to check the competition in your category re pricing and drastically reduce your prices.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Patience, good friend, I waited just over a month to receive my first order.
So far I have finished 4 orders, all successful, but 2 weeks ago nothing arrives.

If you like you can promote your gig in groups, or other pages.

But more than anything, be very patient.

People are not going to order just because they feel bad because your family is poor.
You need to show good standard of work. On fiver you can find 5$ logos that has waaaaay better quality than yours.

To sell something you need to have skill that will be attractive to buyers. But for now you have a lot of learning and studying to do and you didn’t even spend time reading this forum to help yourself.

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