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I work hard give too much time but still no order and also no buyers request found soo much frustratingnkindly someone take a look on my account whats a problem with this

online 24 hours ,change gig daily, get full ratings and tip too on both of the orders i have done.
kindly tell me why im not getting orders or what the hell is with my account

If you just post a short catchy title you are more likely to get replies.

First of all, you might want to have a shorter title next time. A huge one like that just makes people’s eyes hurt!

I would advise against using all-caps in your gig description. Your photoshop gig’s image is stretched weirdly, which is a no-no for a graphic gig.

One of your other gigs has mostly bolded text, which is also unnecessary.


its my first time so dnt know much about forum

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thank you soo much i will change all

And try to avoid changing your gigs on a daily basis because it would push your gig below the search columns. Advertise your gig on social medias too.

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thanks but it doesn’t work for me i’m still not able to get order some special advice or trick please

Check this out for how to get orders:

Also you need to be patient. You are on your way. Some sellers wait months to get their first order.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you sooo much lloyd soloutions

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