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I worked for free. Please don't do it

Hi everyone,
I saw a buyer request for making game trailer.
I sent an offer and started having conversation.
The conversation is too long but I can tell you in short. We decided that I will complete work and give him preview by recording my laptop with my mobile’s camera and than he will place order and I will deliver work. It was a video editing job. I did and show the preview to him and he liked it. He said very nice. But now he is saying that he will pay if I will give him original file in chat. I worked for more that 10 hours. Now he is not placing order. And my time is wasted. I did not gave him the video.

:pray: Please don’t do the mistake I have done.
By the way, check my gigs. May be there is something I can do for you.

Thank you,
@ashishpol00 ( ASHISH R POL )


Did you try sending a custom offer so he can make the order?


All amount are in USD
Yes first I sent 2 offers of $150. But his budget was $100, then we decided $120. Then I sent 3 offers of $120. But when he said to send file in chat, that time I said can you place order of at least $50, then also he said no. He is saying send me file and I will pay you by PayPal or Payoneer, but I want review and also I can’t trust him.

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A harsh and unnecessary way to learn a fundamental of how Fiverr works. Do not perform a hint of work unless an order is placed.

Be courteous and attentive in communications but be firm against any proposal for samples or previews.


Thanks for your advise.

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This is definitely not a good idea. I think you should report this experience to Customer Support…


Ok. I reported it just now. Thanks for your suggestion.


Hi @enunciator, this is a great advice. But what if the buyer places the order, we deliver the source file after completion and then he refuses to accept?

definitely a big red sign there , just block and report him


That’s a different matter. If a buyer rejects your delivery and constantly requests revisions after an order is properly completed, then it may conclude in three possible scenarios.

First would be both the buyer and seller agreeing to cancel the order; making the entire order a waste of the seller’s time, harming their completion rate, but not resulting in a potential negative review. The buyer likely gets away with the source file, but if you can prove they are using the file from a cancelled order, that could open other avenues of dispute.

Second would be the seller resubmitting the completed delivery and hope the 72 hour automatic delivery acceptance is triggered, but if the buyer continuously resubmits revision requests, this can turn into a ping pong match of constant deliveries and revisions until one party gives up. If the buyer does relent, it will likely result in a highly negative review left by them.

Third would be to contact CS and hope that they see the case as you do and assist by some means, whether by making cancellation not harm your stats, possibly still get paid if the buyer performs a vindictive charge back, or help resolve the order by some other means. Note, CS may support the buyer’s side if they believe you did not deliver what was promised for the order or violated Fiverr terms.


Yes I did this. Thanks for suggesting.

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I mean it’s just obvious…The order process haven’t even started, he could have asked the same thing to different buyers and never come back to you and still you would have worked for nothing because there isn’t any form of contract.

If you have read fiverr rules you would have known: => Discuss with buyer>send offer>then do the work ONCE buyer start order process.

I’ve got people like this who tried to scam me and thought I was stupid enough to provide free samples or do the work without starting order process to see if “I’m able to do this”.

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I have read your message. I will keep all this things in mind. Thanks for your advice.

yes in most cases the CS will take buyer’s side. :frowning:

thanks for the information

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I feel so sorry for you! In my opinion the work you did was of specific nature, you can’t utilize that work again or for someone else as it was video editing. In such cases you should have gone for advance payment option.

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I did not understood your last statement. What is advance payment options?

As far as i know there are no any advance payment option in fiver.

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Can not we ask our client to pay in advance?

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Ohh. I thought you are talking about some advance payment option. i.e. like advance settings :joy: