I Worked Hard on fiverr since last 5-6 years only to see Fiverr Dumped me :(


Hello there,

I am on fiverr since last 5-6 years, I have worked very very hard at very low price and have provided top quality service. Just see my 5 star rating and how my previous clients loved my service in those years. Now, I have 6 active gigs and NO Impression on those gigs at all. Not even 1 of them. How will buyers order when they are not shown my gigs. I have got many buyers only from my social media shares and fiverr took 20% for that too when I had started out. Now, WHY Are My Gigs Not shown anywhere on top or in the search at all. I am very very Sad :frowning: and also feel very upset that I have worked hard here this many years only to see new sellers come and sell their bad services more than me simply because you show them on top. I am almost crying and feeling very bad to have wasted my soo much time Day and Night Awake sitting at my PC to work on those gigs for clients so I get good reviews. That amount after 20% only helped me pay my bills only. I am using the same pc since those years, because I earned nothing more than paying my internet and electricity bills. I feel very very upset that other new comers are buying fancy cars, bunglows and enjoying though fiverr simply by outsourcing the work, just because their gig is shown on top results. I have worked very very hard and got no fruit for it at all. Very very very sad. Please help me fiverr. I am one of those few thousands that joined when fiverr started.

Thank you :frowning:



Hi there,
It happened to my gigs 10 days ago after the last Fiverr update. I contacted cs and the issue was sorted out within a few hours… I think you should do the same asap :wink:


there are hundreds of other sellers offering the same gigs you are offering…why should Fiverr showcase you over others?

Fiverr provides you a platform, YOU should market YOU.


Hi elpadrinopost,

I have contacted fiverr support 2 times since last 6 months via ticket support.
I have got no reply from fiverr support till date. One ticket was closed without any reply.
How can they do this to me.

Well thank you for giving a bit motivation though, I really appreciated that someone helped me with a suggestion. I thank you soo much and highly appreciate!


also…why are you using a fake profile photo, that is not you


No worries :slight_smile: As pros we should always help each other!

I’ll try to have a look at your gigs and will let you know :slight_smile:



I can see reviews for your first 3/4 Gigs, dated 6 months to 1 year ago. I can see in total you have 123 reviews, is that correct?
Your best seller Logo Design has reviews from 6 months ago, and 4 Stars… the price is just one: $5. There are no Packages.
Looks like either you were not online since almost 1 year. Or somehow your page got stuck in time…
On the other hand the photo of your profile is fake, that’s a picture of Larissa Lopes from Brazil…


I have no idea why you have no impressions, your gigs are literally right there in the search results.

But judging by the fact that your latest reviews had 3 cancelled orders and Fiverr is growing at an alarming rate, you could just be left behind. It may just be me, but I doubt you are trying real hard to make Fiverr work for you, as you have been here for 6 years and barely have 130 reviews, only 4 in the past year. I know people who have been here for 6 months and have over 1000 reviews.

What you need to do is fix your grammar first and foremost, and then you need to market your gig like your life depends on it! If you work hard at it, and compete with others in the evergrowing sweatshop that is Fiverr, you’ll do fine.


Thank you Lucy! I really appreciate your suggestions.


And get a picture that accurately reflects you and not one that isn’t.


Thank you uncarved, I highly appreciate!


But I assume you are searching the Whole Exact Gig Title, then shows in search. But buyers don’t type the whole exact gig title in search box at all.


I didn’t look up the whole gig title, and even if I did it wouldn’t matter, because that’s not how Search Engines work. I have owned websites in the past, so I am aware of how SEO works and how search engines display in relation to algorithms.

That said, looking at your profile, you seem to have had a pretty telling history here in the forums. What ever happened to your 48,369 Twitter followers? or 3157? or 111? or 54,288? You were known for stealing other people’s work as well, and ignored tons of advice for your gigs you got 5 years ago.

So maybe the issue isn’t with Fiverr, maybe you’re the issue?


Fiverr is not a place you want to sell your services on for long. When this happens , you basically need to pack up and move or hope you have another platform keeping you afloat. This one is too rickety and as I’ve said numerous times before… Fiverr doesnt care about you.


It’s not that Fiverr doesn’t care. You literally have hundreds of sellers doing the same gig.

So many sellers think that all you have to do is create gigs and they will come, without marketing yourself.


I’ve been here 6 years and you just never know when its going to be a $400 month here compared to a normal $1600 month. Your landlord won’t care , neither will fiverr lol. Best to do business on several platforms… this one will one day crash + burn on you. It’s happened twice to me. I end up just having to re-make my account like once every 2-3 years just to get put back in the search results. This is maintaining 100s of reviews all at 5 stars (save 3 or 4 nutcases). Its just how the algorithm works… The search engine is garbage too … You pull up one thing and you get tons of gigs about “I’ll do graffiti on a wall for $5” instead of what you want… Either buyers are getting fed up and moving off the site , or something else entirely…
Either way , it’s given me a lot of time to do more business off-site and I’m grateful for it. April has been a business killer on fiverr … if I was just doing business on fiverr , I’d be moving right now. So build your stuff off the site , its better in the long run. This is like … freelancer kindergarten anyway. You have little control over how you do your business here. But its a great stepping stone for new businesses to see if they can make the grade selling a brand new service. I just wouldnt focus on your business HERE too hard… It will drive you absolutely nuts.

If I was going to market myself , fiverr isnt where I go to do that. I would be stupid to not market my own site instead… for the reasons I just gave above lol… One day this site is going to screw you. Simple enough… That’s been the only constant I’ve seen here… “Hmm when is my business going to crash this time?” – its the 2-3 year mark. On average… shrugs The only clients I tend to get here lately are the ones to just can’t read or what something for nothing. The site’s traffic is in the turdbowl right now for some reason. I wonder where people went to. I’ll figure it out.


I would reckon it’s more along the lines of “tens of thousands of sellers”


I’ve had the best month ever here. And it all came down to me working extra hard and doing some improvements to my gigs.

Fiverr gives you what you put into it. For me at least there has always been a direct connection. There really is no competition as long as you are doing the best job. If you think you can coast along doing nothing to your gigs ever you won’t get sales.


You know, I have had my best 3-4 months in a while on Fiverr - Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr have all been high earning months and May should be good as well…I am booked till May 23rd already…but I haven’t made any changes to my gigs, so I am coasting, you can say, and am very low on impressions and rank low on the search results. So I think the key is to have good, long-term clients who make big orders every month and to take the search results out of the equation. I have had a couple of clients from 2014/15 who used to make big orders back then coming back as well. So maintain good relations with all clients, do good work, they could always come back.


I always find it surprising in some way when I read this kind of my-gig-are-not-shown-posts. I never try the search results in order to see my ranking, nor do I have the slightest clue how buyers find me, yet they do. Probably not giving a darn about that whole ranking thing helps.