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I Worked Hard on fiverr since last 5-6 years only to see Fiverr Dumped me :(


I agree with the above two posts. I boosted my sales by improving my gigs, but at least a third of all orders are repeat clients. I also don’t check my rankings and pay almost no attention to my impressions.
I expect this to be the best year yet.


We forfeit a percentage to Fiverr because they are supposed to offer more than just a platform. The advantage is that they generate traffic to our gigs, so we can focus on the creativity. If someone wants their own platform and nothing else, they can just set up there own website and have to deal with stuff like SEO and engaging an audience on social media.



hi bro, why dont you use your own image or your business logo as your profile image? please do not use stolen images from internet. Be true to your heart and use your own images and graphics in your profile.


You only pay 20% on what you earn so why do you think Fiverr should promote you ahead of the other sellers?
If you were paying a monthly subscription then I could agree with you that they should give you more traffic etc but you don’t. What are you doing to build your business? Why should Fiverr promote you if you don’t?


That’s exactly what Fiverr are doing, so I fail to see your issue.

You’re inadvertently complaining about the competition you’ve got on Fiverr, which is a) not Fiverr’s problem or fault, and b) something you have to challenge yourself. It has nothing to do with what Fiverr offers as a platform


They don’t have to generate anything to our gigs, WE need to work to generate traffic


Wordpress also offers a platform, and so does Google Plus, but you don’t have to fork over a percentage of your profit, and you aren’t limited to the type of content you can display. I guess I’m having trouble understanding the merit or value of having just a platform, if they also aren’t also going to market or showcase my skills on my behalf. What benefits can you get from Fiverr that any beginner is unable to experience from hosting their own website? The only advantage I see is that you get to observe and interact with your clients and competition on the same platform.


Fiverr didn’t dump you - you just failed to adapt and evolve to a changing marketplace.

Also, what are you doing to market your services outside of Fiverr? That goes a VERY long way to maintaining your revenue stream.


So, you’re saying that Fiverr can’t make a profit – even just 20% profit – off of their own business website? That’s like telling McDonald’s that they can’t make a profit off of the burgers they make, because you can make burgers at home for free.

Because it’s YOUR business. It is still your responsibility to make your business successful. Fiverr just offers you a place to get started and offer your services without the cost of your own domain, web-hosting, bandwidth costs, etc.


I’m not knocking Fiverr for being smart and snatching a profit off the backs of struggling artists, worldwide, who can’t think of a more inventive way to obtain clients. Take it from me, not everything needs a startup capital when you have access to the internet. I’m worried about people like the original poster, danish82, who feel like they’ve given so much of their time and labor only to be held back by an algorithm or change in policy. I feel like the artist should have more control over their destiny and not be limited by this one platform, which, by way it’s set up, can be draining as hell and might not allow some people to focus on expanding their brand. It’s good practice, though, if you want to learn how to please a client and expand your skillset. Just not a totally viable solution for someone looking to develop a business from the ground up.


Nothing stops any seller from also having their own site in addition to fiverr.

When you have a site there is no guarantee that Google will let people see your site or put it in a good place to be found. It’s the same anywhere on the internet whether it’s fiverr or your own site.
People may or may not see it.

You have traffic to your gigs from people who are looking to spend money on exactly what you are offering. It’s a lot more of a sure thing than having your own site, which most likely will have only a handful of uninerested people see it on Google every day if even that many. Most websites get zero visitors every day if they are just shown on Google.

You do not have to worry or think about payment processing which is a major headache and costs money to use.

You do not have to be a webmaster which is time consuming and a headache to do.


Fiverr does not prevent anyone from starting up their own site and marketing themselves. What it does do is provide a way for those who cannot/will not do this. It allows ANYONE (struggling artist or not) to start selling their services without any startup cost or ongoing fees as well as exposure to a huge client base. Fiverr only earns when the seller earns. The opportunity and value of this for many people is huge.

This is a self entitled opinion, nothing more. The algorithm/policy is what enabled them in the first place. Like anywhere else, the seller must be capable of adapting to the changing marketplace and demands of clients. Sellers, aside from a few at the very beginning, have not individually contributed to Fiverr’s success in any meaningful way. Take any seller out of the equation and Fiverr would not be noticeably affected. Individual Sellers (of which I am one) need to get over themselves and realize that they themselves are not actually important to Fiverr and that Fiverr is much more important to them. That is how and why Fiverr sets the rules and fighting against them will not work in the long term, if at all. If there are changes then Sellers need to adapt to make it work for them - it is that simple.

Not sure where you are getting this from. Sellers can set their own working hours and those who wish to expand their own brand are free to set aside time to do so. I do, many others do. The issue is that some don’t - that is their own problem, not Fiverr’s.

Fiverr can be used in any number of ways. For some it is like an enterprise center which offers cheap rent to start-up companies. Others use it as an add on to other business or as a side job. Some, not a huge percentage, make a good living from working on Fiverr including some with 6 figure incomes. Fiverr is what you make of it and a seller’s business is what they make it into.


Fiverr is a search engine that features sellers of services and a payment processor. You cannot blame it if you are not getting sales any more than a webmaster can blame google.