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I would be happy to share your gig for free

I am a professional tattoo artist and I have a site that is 100% dedicated to nothing but sharing Fiverr gigs. I would be more than happy to include your gig on the site in exchange for collecting any one of my 3 gigs.

If you would like me to promote one of your gigs for free just leave a comment telling me which gig of yours you would like me to promote for you and which gig of mine you collected.


I collected all three of yours :slight_smile:

If you could either collect or promote mine that would be awesome.


Hi! I collect all 3 of your gigs.

Please promote my gigs:

This one in particular:

Thank you so much~ I really appreciate it.

Collected all 3 of your gigs!

Please promote my gig with optional message:

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I collected this one !

Please promote mine

I collected this:

Please promote this gig:


Could you share this one?

Reply to @xjkbel: collected and promoted: will try to include a screenshot soon showing all gig promos I am doing. Thank you

Screenshot showing promotion of your gigs. Thank you all.

Hello! I would be glad If you share my new gig;

It’s about making html&css - wordpress - joomla websites.

And it’s going to be a unique site!

Thank you!


I seem to be having trouble getting the images to upload.

Got you added hasanoben, everyone actually.

please promote my gig

I collect gig 1 and 3.

Please promote

Collected all your gigs

Please promote and collect mine too