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I Would Customize Your WordPress Theme for $10


Why Choose Me:

:heavy_check_mark: I am a WordPress developer with more than 11 years of experience. I specialize in anything WordPress.

:heavy_check_mark: I work with WordPress every day and am fully up to date with the latest in functionality, responsiveness and design trends. I am fully experienced in all aspects of WordPress theme customization.

:heavy_check_mark: I Am A Friendly Person and Customer Service will ALWAYS come first. I am like you in believing that I deserve to be treated with respect by anyone. Before hiring someone to perform a service, or when buying a specific product, I always look for the kind of business I can have a conversation with. Send me a message and I’d love to chat about a customizing your WordPress theme. From there, you’ll get an understanding of the level of support I vow to deliver.

I Hope you’ve purchased/selected a WordPress Theme.

What’s I will Provide:

  1. I’ll customize your WordPress theme like change its colors and fonts

  2. I’ll set up pages

  3. I’ll add your content and images to your pages

  4. I’ll add plugins

  5. I’ll add E-Commerce Functionality

  6. I’ll add your products to your website

My WordPress theme customization service starts at $10. Please click on my fiverr’s link below to purchase my service: