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I Would If I Could But I Can't

I had a lovely buyer two days ago that ordered multiples of my basic package (and they didn’t even haggle for a lower price - it was beautiful). The buyer left a tip and this is where it starts to go South. The email notifying me of the tip showed a message asking for a custom offer and a couple other questions, but because the order is completed I cannot respond. The buyer never inboxed me first, we only chatted on the order page, so I have no way of messaging them.

It kind of makes me look rude and unprofessional - I get a great, easy to work with buyer that leaves a good tip and positive feedback but I can’t answer their questions. I understand the restrictions are in place to reduce spam but it would be lovely to be able to message a previous buyer, even when they just directly placed an order.

Anyone else ever run into a situation like this? It’s rather frustrating.


You can respond after completion in the desktop version of Fiverr. Go to the completed order and scroll to the bottom. You’ll see a small line of text that says “Click here to contact buyer.” Click on the “here” hyperlink. It will open the non-order message thread.


Thank you! I had no idea that was there.


You’re welcome! Yeah it isn’t conspicuous or intuitive.