I Would Like A Queue Limit Option


I would like the ability to set the maximum number of orders that can be in the queue as a gig setup option, especially for gigs that are a little more time intensive. If I have a limit of 10, a new buyer will be notified of this when they try to order and can opt to receive an email when the gig is available for order. I see this feature as an option for each seller when they setup each individual gig…not a global required option for those who can manage large queues.


I like this idea. There have been MANY threads in the Fiverr forums from frustrated sellers who have been troubled by two opposing forces:

a. They want to set a quick delivery time to help make sales, but . . .

b. If they get too many orders in a short time frame, they can’t do them all, or can’t do them all well, leading to bad reviews and/or cancellations and the consequences

This idea seems to address most of the issues that have come up in past discussions by letting the seller set a firm limit in advance of purchases.

Others have suggested that the solution should be to let sellers change delivery deadlines after a bunch of surprise orders come in, but that would be totally unfair to BUYERS who made purchases based at least in part on the posted delivery schedules.

As long as Fiverr could code this feature to ensure that buyers would know before purchases whether their entire order could be delivered on time, it seems to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers, and could help avoid cancellations and negative feedback issues as well.

(One specific scenario / detail that might need special attention would be with NEW sellers who can’t yet sell multiple gigs in a single transaction. In those cases, a buyer currently needs to make a series of individual gig purchases when they really want multiples, and this idea would need to allow that a buyer who want to purchase - say - 8 gigs can really get them all on deadline. If would be awful to let that buyer puchase 5 gigs, then get a message that gigs 6, 7 and 8 could not be processed due to the sellers quota/limit. That buyer would be justifiably mad at both the seller and Fiverr for not being made aware of the limit in advance of the partial purchase.)


I don’t think it would ever happen. I feel Fiverr would feel it’s restricting buyers and might just frustrate them. Two things you can do is increase your delivery time, or pause your gig. When things got overwhelming to me, I just kept increasing my delivery time to the point when I got a big influx of orders it wasn’t so bad as I had plenty of time to deliver.

I do see your viewpoint and do agree with it, but something tells me Fiverr will never implement it.

freelancemm said: I feel Fiverr would feel it's restricting buyers and might just frustrate them...

But not any more than they are frustrated by missed delivery deadlines or other issues.

Plus, if coded smartly, this idea would actually prevent multiple orders beyond what the seller was confident in supplying in a given period of time, so the bulk buyer would not even be able to place the order unless they were willing to accept the limit on the number of gigs available.

Would have the effect of letting the seller automatically "pause" a gig when manageable workload limits were reached, which is what they would want to do anyway - if they were constantly monitoring their orders on a minute by minute basis. But it would happen automatically based on orders recieved, which would be easier for many sellers than asking them to set delivery deadlines based on a "worst case scenario" of a flood of orders. And it could prevent bad blood between buyers and sellers by giving both the information they need in advance of any purchase to proceed with gig transactions or not.

Tons of online companies sell things with built in inventory counts as part of the checkout process, so it is do-able. But given Fiverr's grief with the rollout of V2, it would probably have some growing pains.

And of course it could be a "seller's option" which they could use or ignore based on the kind of gigs they offer.


Just keep in mind that Fiverr generally gets their money from order #1. So even if the buyer isn’t happy with the work from the seller, 99% of the time the money goes back into the Fiverr account rather than directly back into the buyers account directly. This means Fiverr already gets their money, so I imagine most of their campaigning would be to get the buyers in and buy, the money is then already floating around in their account and even if it takes the buyer 2 to 3 times to decide on which seller to go with, Fiverr still gets their 20%.

I suppose the main benefit for Fiverr would be less potential chargebacks from un-happy buyers.

Considering most of their orders come from lesser-known Top rated Sellers and some particular Level 2 sellers(I have seen some of which having 300+ orders in queue), I don’t think it’s all too much of a priority for them to restrict such sales. To give the sellers an option to do so on their own may be helpful, but only at a certain point. It can also be exploited in the sense of keeping out specific buyers by limiting the counts and hoping that the particular buyer goes away, thus effecting sales and Fiverr’s money-flow. A lot of people also buy more on impulse than on need. Restricting the impulse buys restricts the flow of money which is also why I feel Fiverr would never implement it, even if it is a good idea and can benefit them in the long-run.


This sounds like a good idea. Although I have not been fortunate enough to have a problem with that many buyers - I recently saw someone with over 200 orders in queue, on one gig alone! I can’t imagine being bombarded with that many orders in my queue, amazing.

But yes I think having a queue limit would help out people like that.


It sounds like a good idea to keep being able to provide quality work and good customer service, but then it would limit the amount of money coming in.