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I would like Sellers' Opinions Please [RESOLVED]


This is a new situation for me on Fiverr.

Before I under or overreact, I thought I could get some perspective from you on what might be reasonable to resolve this issue. :slight_smile:


  1. I put out a request.
  2. I ordered from a specific seller who answered the request, based on what seller said he could do. (This was quite a bit more than a $5 gig).
  3. Seller delivers something that had nothing to do with my request (and looked like it had been copied from a certain kind of business website).
  4. I asked for revisions, stating what was wrong. I was firm, but not rude.
  5. Right before the delivery time “expired”, seller sent a “completed delivery”. Nothing. Except for a promise to finish it and for me to be patient. (not a quote)
  6. I waited a day or two. Nothing. I cancelled order (pushed that resolve button).
  7. Seller messaged me a couple of times asking why I wanted to cancel (even though I was detailed on the reason when I canceled)
  8. I just received a message that seller refused to cancel (about 2 days after #7), Seller stated again he would deliver and please be patient (not a quote).

Again, I have not had this particular experience before.

What are your recommendations of how I should handle this/what should I do next?
I am eager to hear what is reasonable. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I would contact customer support and tell them all you have said here, and send screenshots of your conversation with him and ask for a refund.

Also send a screenshot of your request and what you got delivered.


Those things do sound reasonable!


It is against the ToS to mark an order as delivered to avoid it going late. It sounds like they know this and so they delivered something irrelevant to try get around the “empty delivery” rules.

It is important to note that if an order is not delivered then an order can be cancelled immediately by the buyer 24 hours after the deadline. Once an order has been delivered it cannot be cancelled without both parties agreement or CS intervention. So the empty delivery serves no other purpose than to take away your ability to cancel - its the opposite of good service from the seller and personally I would report that behavior.

If the seller has given no indication or evidence that an acceptable delivery is imminent then I would go to CS, explain the situation and specifically mention the manipulation of the delivery process.


OK, you have definitely changed my perspective on this.

I am all of a sudden starting to feel a bit manipulated by the seller…:neutral_face:



They’re trying to get around the rules is all, so don’t feel manipulated. They are taking advantage of your good nature though. Find another seller you can work with in partnership. It will be a much more satisfying experience.


:grinning: The perfect picture for that phrase!!

From “Lost”- the show where all of the characters manipulated each other and the writers manipulated the viewers!

LOVE it! Thanks for the laugh! :slight_smile:


Well said! Agreed! :slight_smile:


Is there a “statute of limitations” on how long I have to report this?

I wonder if I have already missed a deadline in reporting to CS?


I have just heard this kind of thing quite a lot and it annoys me when people do things like this as it decreases buyer trust in the site and leads to more restrictive measures from Fiverr which affect all of the honest sellers too.
I used to give people the benefit of the doubt in these situations but it is too common to be accidental all the time. It’s better to assume they are abusing the system and let them prove it to CS themselves if they are not.
They go into detail in the ToS about how this is not ok so there is no excuse. No, I don’t think there is a time limit on reporting it or CS acting on it. Always ensure your order does not get marked complete automatically after 3 days. It is more difficult to deal with if it does.


Got it! Thanks!

I have had the “completed order” in “revision” or “dispute” since the first “delivery”, so I am hoping that works to keep it from automatic completion…?

I plan to contact CS in the next day or two.

This is a learning experience! :sunglasses:


OK, just reported to CS. So far, very easy to do! :slight_smile:


What a lovely buyer!


This situation is now resolved. The money was refunded into my account!

Thank you so much everyone for your thoughts/advice! :):relieved: