I would like someone to help me with my portfolio


Hello how are you? I am new to fiverr, I would like to know how I can share my portfolio without infringing with fiverr’s policies. I have my portfolio in behace. What could I do?



Standard practices are as follows:

  1. People add a sentence on their gig - “Please contact me to view some of my work”
  2. People add a link to their latest work (Note: Only certain links are permitted such as flicker)
  3. Upload a PDF with some previous work and utilize all the image covers for your gig.



thank you very much, then if it is true that I can upload a shortened Flickr link?


So long as it is a genuine URL from Flickr otherwise no.

blogspot .com
dailymotion .com
flickr .com
soundcloud .com
teamviewer .com
tumblr .com
vimeo .com
wikipedia .org
youtube .com


I would also contact a seller to get their written consent to use work you did for them in your portfolio.