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I would like tips for my gig

Hey! I want some tips and suggestions surrounding my gig:
Thank you in advance!


there are some tips for you my friend

  1. make all seven gig of different type
    2.make gig on that topic which is searchable
  2. focus on keyword research of that topic
  3. most important find out those keyword which have some traffic and have less gig on that topic
    then you get order

I have done most of those tips :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing it though!

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Hi there…,
May i know what is your target market is?
Sorry for saying this., but your work is not suitable for professional need.
is your target market for children?
I mean…, for less than $5, i could grab much better animal drawing from stock photo.

My review:

  1. You should improve your drawing skill first.
  2. Please make your thumbnail pure white. Right now it’s slightly dark. Not good for thumbnail
    Just like a newbie portfolios,
  3. You should mention the paper size? or pixel dimension? how big the drawing client get for $5
  4. For this kind of drawing…, your delivery is 7 days? Client will think twice before ordering from you. You even mentioned at faqs that you only need 10-20 min for each project? Sound very strange for me.

Wish you luck :slight_smile:


Where to search out about the keywrod trffic and keyword dificulty for fiverr and what are best practices to do for the fiverr’s gig.

All right thank you for your suggestions, I will improve on this

By the way what do you mean by thumbnail? my gigs’ images?

Yes…, what i means is your gigs portfolios.


Alright here is an example of what I did, is this okay ?

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