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I would like to ask a follow up question for person who purchased a gig

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to contact a buyer of a gig. It would be great on some of these gigs that are for traffic to be able to contact the person to see if they saw any results. Fiverr only gives us a few days to leave a comment, it would be great to leave a comment 2 weeks or even a month later so we can actually see whose gigs are actually working.


Hello, you can only contact sellers to inquire about their gigs. Anything else is considered spam.
As far as buying traffic goes, I’m not an expert but it seems to me that buying traffic is a waste of time. I’m not sure what good it would do.

Maybe someone who is an expert on SEO can give their expert advice on buying traffic.

I remember reading posts from disappointed buyers of traffic that it didn’t result in any sales. I’m not sure if that is what you are hoping for or not.


It sounds like what you want is some kind of reassurance that after you buy a traffic gig, you will start to see organic traffic to your website or social media profile start to increase as a result. Sadly, this isn’t going to happen.

It is nice to think that you can pay people to send you traffic and that people who visit will become genuinely enthused about your site and get other people to visit. However, as far as digital marketing goes, this is Alice in Wonderland territory.

When you buy traffic and get real hits from real people, that traffic is usually coming from people who get paid less than 1 cent to go to your URL. They have another 500 URLs to visit before they make $5. In this case, if you’re not giving away Bitcoin, the chances that you are going to capture and keep someone’s interest is tiny.

The same is true for social media traffic, likes, followers, etc. You get X amount of hits during a predefined time period, but you do not increase your actual popularity or peoples real interest in what you do.

In many cases, you can also put your website and social media accounts at risk by buying traffic.

Paid traffic often goes against the terms and conditions of most third-parties who host ads on websites. Social media platforms also go to lengths to identify fake followers and traffic because this messes with their own monetization methods.

If you see people selling traffic with lots of 5-star review, this means that they said they would send X amount of visitors and did. However, if you want reassurance that traffic will keep coming a few weeks from now, the reality is it won’t, sorry.


You can’t contact other buyers unless they happen to be also sellers (in that case they’ll have a contact button - but as already mentioned, you may only contact sellers if you intend to buy their gigs). Buyers don’t have a contact button on their profile because they’d drown in spam from sellers who’d want them to buy their gigs else.
Maybe you can find some forum on Reddit or wherever, where buyers of traffic gigs do meet and chat if you’re interested in other’s long term experiences with buying traffic.