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I would like to debate with the mods or admin of this forum,VERY important!

Ok let me explain myself first of all as I read this site it has problems with spam,but what exactly is spam?Is it posting the same content on the same category?Or is it just posting same content on different categories?Or is it just posting too much threads/posts?And why is it if you contact a user through PM it is considered spam?I mean your just advertising your service right?What is the point of this site’s existence if it limites the seller’s option of posting/advertising their content?The more posts the seller posts on here the more buyers(I work for a marketing company I know these stuff).But I would like a honest debate with the mods or admins and i believe other community members should voice their opinions.

The forum rules are really simple about it when it comes to this forum. Now, realize, I’m a forum admin, a volunteer, not Fiverr staff. In the forum, it’s spam if you advertise in any category except My Fiverr Gigs, which is for advertising. It’s also spam if you advertise something that isn’t on Fiverr, like your own website or whatever. Then the obvious stuff, like posting duplicates of the same thing (also mentioned in the rules) and that’s about it.

As far as the rest of your question, on what is spam off the forum, I can comment on that personally and based on what I understand from the Terms of Service, but to me that’s a separate topic from forum spam which is spelled out pretty well. If you want, when I have time, I’ll add my commentary on what you mentioned besides this forum. I’m glad to answer questions or hear suggestions about forum moderation, but I don’t make the decisions on it alone, that’s done by a team of volunteers and some specific staff.

By the way, why is this topic so important to you?

Thank you for your response if the only category to advertise is My fiverr Gigs why isn’t it mentioned in the forum rules?Why didnt you or any of the other staff atleast let us users know where to post for advertisement rather then deleting it?And why is it considered spam if you advertise your website,but if thats part of your Gig,why is it spam?For example if your gig is website design or graphic design buyers would want to see examples correct?What better examples then showing buyers your work on a website?This topic is important because from what I seen members are having their posts deleted without explaining or giving a reason.This forum was intended to let users show case their gigs to the community but if its considered "spam"to advertise your work(such as websites)this forum seems to be censoring and not letting users make any profit.I do have a few suggestions for the staff and I would love to hear your opinions aswell.

@someguyfrommars, but you don’t have any Gigs. What is it that you would want to advertise through this forum?

Websites!But according to one of your mods she says its spam(I haven’t posted it)I work for a company and we advertise our website.But how can I if its considered “spam”?And how can i network on this forum if I can’t PM other members and advertise my Gig?What is the purpose of this forum which was suppose to be a community,why are we getting censored?

Advertise your gig?
You don’t have any active gigs.
Fiverr only allows preapproved URL’s. You can visit the fiverr help section for more information on the URL’s.

No, you can’t advertise just any website. Why not set up a few Gigs so we can see what you have to offer.

I’m not sure how you missed it in the forum rules since it plainly says “Please don’t use the discussions to promote your individual Gigs. If you have a Gig service on Fiverr that you’d like to share, please post it in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category. Posts that include gig/profile links even as signatures are considered promotional.”

You asked why I or none of the other staff mentioned where to post ads. As I clearly said, I am not staff. The forum developers put a link right at the top right-hand corner of this forum to the forum rules which tell you where to advertise, and I just quoted it for you again. Staff members rarely read or respond to posts on the forums since this is a community mainly for Fiverr users, not staff. In addition, the link to the forum rules is repeated many times in the forums, so reading a while will lead you to it over and over again.

The entire moderation team helps enforce the forum rules and it’s up to the individual to read the rules before posting to avoid having their posts deleted. That said, no posts of yours have been deleted so far, so I’m not sure what you mean by having something deleted.

If you have gigs on Fiverr, you are given space to display your work in multiple ways, but you would need to read about how Fiverr works to know that. Simplified, as part of your gig, in My Fiverr Gigs and with approved URL’s. Fiverr doesn’t allow users to offer methods for personal contact or methods to arrange payment off-Fiverr and since personal websites may have this type of content they are disallowed in gigs and in the forum.

As to your reasons for the “big deal,” there are certain posts that are removed without warning. I would love to hear from anyone who wishes we would leave the forum alone when someone posts 100 gibberish posts with phone numbers. Does anyone want us to stop deleting those without warning?

If Fiverr users post ads and the moderators have enough time they just move it to the correct category. If the forum is busy and the post is deleted, moderators do their best to post account notes to let the user know why it was deleted so they can re-post in the correct category. Do a manjority of forum readers want gig ads all over the forum? Do you want people’s websites listed all over the forum instead of tips and podcasts and answers to questions?

If you have ideas for staff, you have options. You can go to the Customer Support page and click “Submit a Ticket” in the upper-right hand corner. This is a much more effective way to reach staff. You can tell them your thoughts on spam or anything else. Finally, you can post your ideas here in this thread if they don’t violate the existing rules. If I happen to talk with someone who is on staff, I’ll give them a link to this thread if it’s still here.

Last thing for this post. The rules for this forum were created by a team of people a long time ago, and while they’ve been updated a little, they haven’t changed much since Fiverr had a forum. So, people have never been allowed to advertise their own websites on the forum and Fiverr is a privately owned company so it isn’t censorship for them to make their own rules. Fiverr provides a platform for people to sell their services within the Terms of Service and if you don’t prefer the Terms, you are welcome to close your account on Fiverr.

I hope that helps.

The forum isn’t really here for networking. If you want to join a community for networking, join Fiverr’s LinkedIn group or create your own. The forum was created for Fiverr buyers and sellers to chat with each other and very little of the forum was ever intended as advertising space. The front page of is advertising for gigs.

I already addressed your censorship issue, but I don’t agree that limiting content is the same thing. I have used moderated forums and unmoderated forums and my experiences on those without moderation to limit content has been awful. In time, you end up with a forum full of obscene pictures, expensive phone numbers for psychics, and people explaining why you should just give them money because they are needy. If you posted about your website on a forum like that, it would be buried anyway.

These are sellers chatting with each other.
This is a place to communicate with each other. It is not for advertising our gigs.

PM is not for advertising. It is so buyers and potential buyers can contact sellers.

Who wants an inbox full of nothing but sellers sending me unwanted junk advertising?
It would be useless.

Do you really think a forum filled with people advertising their gigs would result in sales? Who would come here to read a bunch of ads for gigs? Would you?
You don’t get sales that way. There are not people randomly looking to spend money who would come to a forum to read a lot of half literate stupid ads.

Yes…pointed out the right things…Nobody will ever come to forum if it will be a place of advertising then if there will be no traffic then how can it result to sales…moreover the forum is not meant for that purpose…It is for all sellers and buyers to communicate and share there thoughts and problems…

I am surprised to read that someone is asking for the forum to allow the spamming!!

Spammers are not generally known for their smart logic. This is another example. I’ve seen plenty of weird posts lately for apps. Those are spam, and your website–I do not care what your website is, nor does anyone else here–will be viewed as such. It is mentioned in the Forum Rules, but nobody can help you if you selectively read only the rules which you like.

There’s not really much to debate here. Tell you what, you start your own forum and we’ll come and put a bunch of links and spam on it, and then we’ll see how quickly your tune changes!


With all due respect to the OP, the only thing to debate here is what exactly you have been smoking? You actually think there is a case to be made why you and other sellers should be allowed to advertise your services through unsolicited messages to people using this platform to directly sell their own services?

Sorry for the sarcasm but you have come into this with a bit of an attitude. Moreover, since you seem to be having difficulty grasping what everyone else does (aside from the slurry of other spammers on this forum), it works like this:

  1. Every competent and successful seller on Fiverr has created and marketed their services without the need to try and sell to other sellers.

  2. The forum and people’s inboxes aren’t in this case, some kind of untapped marketing resource which only you have been clever enough to spot. That kind of logic is like looking at a car and asking why there isn’t an extra petrol tank in the boot. - After all, if there was you could go further couldn’t you?

  3. People’s inboxes are devices intended to facilitate solicited communication between buyers from outside of Fiverr and sellers who sell on Fiverr. In like regard, the forum is intended for people to share tips and advice and occasionally ask for support from other sellers and buyers.

If you don’t understand any of these basic concepts and/or are upset about your activities being censored, the solution is simple, find a platform where such activities are permitted.