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I would like to get a job quickly

I am a professional graphic designer. I’m new in fiverr. I would like to get job quickly. I’ve full confidence that I could delivery the order of buyers.

Welcome to the forum!

There’s no quick way to success! You gotta earn it through hard work and dedication. If you’re expecting a quick buck and to be at the top of your game just by signing up you’re in the wrong place, my friend.

Read the great guides here on the forum, optimize your gig and deliver first-rate service and quality every time, and little by little the orders will start coming in.

Never, ever look for the easy and quick way out, don’t believe anyone who tells you that all you need is a few tricks to find success.

In my experience the only way to succeed in life is to win the lottery or work your ass off. For most of us, it’s the latter, even though many folks never understand this, so they end up wasting their life looking for shortcuts.

Best of luck! :smiley:


What he said ^

If you are saying: “I’ve full confidence that I could delivery the order of buyers” then you are not confident yet. Nor is your English good enough.

That is fine as it gives you two things to do. Maybe work directly on written English first, talk with good people here in the forum to improve. That will help the confidence thing.

The other thing that will help is to do lots of work in your space. Not playing with clip art of pre-made things but in how to become someone who can do great work from scratch. This will give you a better portfolio which helps bring customers as they can see what you can really do.

It takes time. And then it takes more time