I would like to have a "chat-like" system


I did a search and it seems the idea has surfaced many times during the last few years.

I would like to have an approved-by-fiverr chat system. I don’t keep the browser open 24/7 and i a have instead an extension called “the great suspender” which freezes inactive tabs on chrome.

I think such a system would greatly benefit buyers (which could provide feedback faster) and sellers (which could receive feedbacks faster).


We do have a chat system. I chat with people almost every day, sometimes for hours.


Fiverr’s messaging system is pretty close to a chat. You can see your client typing and you get the message pretty much instantly.

I would rather ask for a calling option :slight_smile:
I know a lot of people wouldn’t like it so it should not be mandatory, but personally I’d find it useful especially if screen sharing is allowed. Explaining website backend functionality in chat is too time consuming. I would prefer showing it over a screencast. Right now I’m doing video tutorials, but real time screensharing would be a better option.


You can ask customer support if you can chat by skype.


I did ask about it and at first they said no. When I asked a few more agents then I got “only if it’s absolutely necessary” :slight_smile:

I think if I start to use it with every client I might get a red flag, so if they had 100% official solution I’d feel more confident about it.


I think considering the cost and complexity of your gigs they would allow it.

I agree that it is risky.


Since they recently opened up PRO status for Wordpress I’ll try to get that first. :slight_smile:
They would probably think twice before shutting down PRO gigs


It would be excellent to be able to chat with screensharing when you are working on someone’s website. Have you asked about that?


Yes I’m sure they are more relaxed about them.


Yes, just like a chicken is pretty close to a velociraptor. You can see the similarities but a chicken still is … a chicken.

I know that for the majority of services is probably overkill but if i’m gonna spend more money on more expensive gigs i would love to have more services:

  1. screensharing : awesome idea!
  2. a temporary(?) service area with collaborative tools (a text editor and a spreadsheet editor to start)
  3. a skype/telegram chat app to manage quick conversations and when i’m not in front of my main computer.

I know that fiverr is scared that people may try to bring the outliers outside the platform and they need to monitor the conversations to prevent this kind of activity, but they should also try to improve the service.

In my opinion of course.


If fiverr’s chat system is not a real chat system how am I able to chat easily for hours every night on it? It’s not any different from any other chat I’ve used including skype. We cannot see each other is the only difference.

I don’t like little pop up boxes for long chats. They work well for customer service type questions where the chat is short. The way it is now works perfectly.

I’ve been chatting on fiverr for years.


An actual chat system would just lead to never-ending barrages of messages from Intelectualwastelandia.


I agree, imagine a little pop-up box that never stops popping up, with idiotic questions coming in non-stop, along with constant messages saying “hi”.


Easily solved: the chat channel has to be “activated” by the will of both parties.


My experience as buyer is different: like me, not everybody stay at the computer for hours on the tab of fiverr.


I have been told that if I want to use Skype in a gig then to mention it in the gig description. Not sure why they say that is better but it could be because the gig is reviewed by CS when it is edited and so they can see whether it is logical to use Skype for that service.