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I would like to have your feedback

Hello, Everyone
I am new to fiverr and I am already working as a freelancer on ************* other [markeplace] and some websites. So, I am new to the gig system as till now I have already worked using the BID SYSTEM on other websites (Those who don’t know what the Bidding system is, it is similar to the buyers’ requests on fiverr), so today I created all my assets of my new gig and I would love to have suggestions on how can I improve my gig to get sales.
Gig Link :-
I created a video too but I don’t know how much time it will take to get approved.
Thanks to you all in advance

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Looks cool, however, I can’t rate before I see the video.

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Hello thanks, do you know how much time it would take (approx) for the video to get approved?

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Sometimes 5 hours, sometimes 24. In the rarest case, 48 hours.

Hey, my video is live

I see quite a few inaccuracies in your demo video.

Something about being a full-time seller on Fiverr (you just said you weren’t) and how you are the fastest growing seller on Fiverr (you literally just registered).

So other than trying to hard to impress, your text to voice sounding VO and several typos, I don’t see anything wrong with your gig.


Hey, by Full-Time Seller, I meant that I will be online and respond to all requests almost instantly so that won’t cause a problem if I work on other freelancing sites as they are 100% bidding based and for that I remain online in the major part of the day and I think we receive a notification whenever someone messages, so I think I can consider myself a full-time fiverr seller
And for the fastest growing part, that was just a part of my marketing startegy as I was planning to drive traffic from facebook ads and I had seen a lot of gig videos doing that
And if my voiceover sounded robotic, I am sorry but I got it recorded from a guy, and if it really sounds like that I will surely change it but we can get to know that the voiceover was not robotic from the fact that there are modulations in it
For the typos, I will surely go through the gig once again and I would like to thank you for giving your time to visit my gig

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LOL, guys why was my post reported and taken down

I joined Fiverr 16 days ago and I am done now with the first three orders. Now, I am waiting for my 4th order. Hope I get it soon.

Well that’s definitely not what “full-time” means.

You should add an asterisk and explain what your definition is.

As for your “strategy” that’s a cool way to spin a lie. If other gigs did that, maybe they were growing at that rate. You are not.

It makes zero sense to make that claim.


Issue Video Approval:
It’s need up to 24hours. but one more thing that you can contact customer support so they share your video update

Hello! Frank I got my first order within a few hours of creating my gig and then delivered it today and got my first 5-star review :grin: :grin: :grin:
I hope it would be a great journey

well that’s great.

There are definitely benefits to using an online video service to make all your custom videos, you can deliver in just a few hours time.

so maybe that’s your main advantage you can use to get more returning customers.

Yeah, but no one expects a full fledged custom video in $5
And still using an online video service, some people create very bad videos which we don’t, we are using fiverr as a source of side income, we have bigger projects so for now, our plan is to price our gigs low, and then get reviews and maybe we will start delivering full fledged custom videos like you at much higher prices, when we reach around level 2.
and BTW :- some of fiverr’s top rated sellers are using online video services like vyond and powtoon and charging heavily for that kind of videos, I will send you their links if you want in private

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It takes up to 48 hours to be reviewed the video. Make sure you have uploaded your own original content. Fiverr wont like any piracy, coppied content.