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I would like to know from experience sellers on forum, whether fiverr is an ideal place for expanding your startup or company?

We are group of developers and designers based in Islamabad, Pakistan. We run multiple accounts on playstore and app store. Our business is growing and a we have quite customers to deal with. Recently a close friend of mine suggested to work on fiverr as it will give boost to customers reach and finances.On this, I would like to know views from experience sellers here on fiverr community. Also if you can provide some necessary guidelines that will be much appreciated.

We have started it with logo design to check our chances here before proceeding further.

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I’ve not been here for very long, but I’m just going to add my two cents anyways, based upon my own experience, and insight.

I think this is an ideal way to add to your company, compared with making a job listing, and choosing someone who you think will be good for the job.

With a minimal investment you can test out a few candidates and find who you enjoy working with the best. Since you only retain an agreement on a gig to gig basis, its also easy to part ways and find a new seller if your needs change or they don’t continue to provide value.

For myself, I quickly came to find someone who needed help on a recurring basis, and they are able to meet their needs for quality content much cheaper than if they hired someone with all of the proper credentials. At the same time they are helping me to grow my portfolio and value as a content creator.

I’m also eager to hear the insights and opinions of the more experienced sellers here, so I’ll leave it there. :smiley:

Good luck in your pursuits.

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Thank you for your time and insight. It seems to me the way to go. :slightly_smiling_face: