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I would like to know if I can sell my Saas on fiverr?

Hello My Name is Edward. I have a Software As A Service business, I wanted to know can I charge
people to use my software for a monthly fee through fiverr?

most likely no. buyer would have to pre-pay for a full year, or how would they pay after the first month?

Fiverr does not like you to go outside Fiverr, they won’t get their cut.

Monthly services are awkward on Fiverr as there is no subscription system in place. Often it leads to people forgetting to come back and order again.
If the software is useful for short periods then it could be possible. I see many requests for use of certain software for a week/month etc. Best way to find out is to give it a try.

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I have noticed that buyers don’t like it when you give them sass on Fiverr. I hope that helps, though I imagine it makes it hard to sell sass, particularly when a lot of people give it out for free.

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Fiverr should set up an auto-pay for recurring monthly fees.


Well in order for them to continue using the software, they would have to pay through fiverr.
So they still would get there cut.
Now even if the person goes outside of fiverr to my website the
price that they would be paying is doubled. Think of jvzoo or clickbank .

As a policy, Fiverr does not preclude SAAS services as long as the payments are processed through Fiverr.

Logistically speaking, this is relatively easy for you to do. Just set up a reminder for yourself to send a custom offer to your customer via Fiverr on a monthly basis, which is analogous to sending an automated invoice to any SAAS customer. The only difference is that instead of an automated invoice, you will have to send it manually.


I was wondering how sellers who send invoices to Fiverr customers handle this? I sometimes see BRs, so today, in which a buyer mentions recurring work and that they´ll need invoices. But I assume they´ll want an invoice for the whole sum (?), including their part of the Fiverr fee, while you as a seller could would only write an invoice for the sum without the fee. Or are they aware that you´ll just send them e. g. a 100$ invoice for your part in this, while they pay that+processing fee+Fiverr fee?

Thanks for all the response,
Ok the reason why I posted this question is because my company
********* offers a software where companies and individuals can
automate there social media marketing all from one platform.You can schedule out all of your post allowing you to do a week of social media in less than an hour of work.
Now what makes this unique is that it caters to:
bloggers,content management and creation ,advertising,marketing ect.
Can it not work, where lets say we have the client pay a weekly fee say example 50$
once they pay that through fiverr I will create login info for the client to log into the back end.
They then start adding there clients. Now one client can pay for the usage of the software
They get a reminder on Friday and Saturday if the fee is not paid they account becomes inactive, on Monday. Fiverr would not have to worry about the client going out side of its site because if you go to my website for the same service you pay double.
You can sign up as much clients as you want with this automated software.
Great for marketers cause they can market this and if people sign up through them we offer them a commission and residual income as long as the client stays with us. All of this is done within the fiverr website.
I would like some feedback or comments on this particular idea of mine.
Thanks to all, have a good day

Mod Note: Unnecessary URL removed due to self-promotion potential. Otherwise still a valid topic.

Fiverr sellers should not send invoices to clients. Clients pay Fiverr and Fiverr pays us so therefore they can only get Fiverr invoices which are available at the top of the gig page when an order is complete. Clients can also sign up for monthly invoices through their settings.

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why was my post taken down?

I can still see your post, if you mean why the moderators seem to have removed an URL you posted, that´s explained in the Mod Note below your post. URLs or similar self promotion is restricted to the My Fiverr Gigs category per the forum rules, I think, the forum rules are under the Welcome category you can see when you click the menu top right.

It was a reply to my original post. I explain my point that I am not looking to invoice the customer
The invoice that I would be getting would be from fiverr all the process fees everything is included in the price. The customer pays I create an account for them. They also receive a reminder 24-48 before. if they decide to go weekly.
Prices would be cheaper for thise who choose monthly

Ah, that I do not know, maybe the post was flagged by someone for being against a forum rule. If you think it wasn´t anything against the rules and want to know why, you can ask the moderators, I guess.

I’m interested in posting my SaaS here as well and have been looking for recurring options for Fiverr all day. When I read your comment, it made my head turn like a dog hearing a funny noise.

Could you explain this a little more please.

Sorry to disappoint you :slight_smile:
There is no recurring option for Fiverr sales. My comment above was in reference to Buyers who want invoices for their purchases. They can use a setting to automatically receive the invoice for purchases they have made on a monthly basis.

I have monthly clients but these are only in the sense that they order from me on a monthly basis - They place a custom offer with a 30 day delivery period, I deliver and send a new custom offer each month. It is awkward but it is possible. Of course, there is often some overlap in the timing where they only order a week later or something like that. Depending on what you are offering, that might work for you but it is certainly not ideal.


You really have them under your control-- I’m impressed!

I’m joking, I know you offer a great service they need each month.

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You’re a rockstar!

Thank you for taking the time to explain it fully.

Much Gratitude,

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