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I would like to publish my 7gigs in my account keeping similarly

I would like to publish my 7gigs in my account keeping the heading, pricing, and description similarly. Will there be any problem?


Are you asking if you can make 7 of the same gig? That’s against Fiverr’s TOS.

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Depends how you will do it. This can only be answered if you provide:


If you mean that you want them to have similar styling as in maintain a brand identity, sure no drama. Just don’t make you branding more important than your customer :wink:

If you mean make the same essential gig x 7 then no and that is a dumb idea anyway.

Make sure each is clearly distinguishable so avoid making the same ghastly text-heavy image and changing one word as if that is a) branding and b) differentiated.



Yes, I was already making 2 gigs similarly, and also I want to make 5gigs similarly( means heading, pricing, description, and tags will be similar). but I confused, Is it against Fiverr rules.

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No, you cannot do this.

Why? Well, because, when one goes to say whatever category you are going to make these Gigs in and sees the SAME Gig over and over - it looks pretty spammy and messy on the site.

This is why it is not allowed. You need to publish Gigs that are different from each other - different titles, different offerings, different pictures etc. No one wants to look at a page full of the same thing.



Looking at the two gigs you define as similar, they are the same. So yes, they are against Fiverr’s TOS, and I recommend that you delete one of the gigs you have to avoid being reported by a buyer.


I deleted one. You can see my gig

Many thanks, madam

Many thanks, for your description.

OMG that image is exactly what I suggest not to do. It screams, it hurts us it does (using Golum voice).

If you want customers with dignity, you cannot use this sort of image.


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