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I would like to show you a live forex trading showcase

Hello…i would like to show you a live trading showcase. I’m a freelance programmer with many years of experience in my area…recently i have develop a very high successfull rate technic and have finish working on the code…i would like to offer you a showcase of my skill so everyone can benefit from trading forex too…i offer fund managing service for those who interested and i will double up you money within 7 days…please feel free to contact me for detail…

I’m interested in creation of my own trading platform. Is it possible in general?
Moreover, for which trading platform could you code a robot?

This gig is no longer available and the OP no longer has any gigs on display.

yes…i delete the gig cos i lost on the demo acc…still working on my robot too see whether the strategy i use is real or not…i will update to you later

yes…it can be done…we can export mt4 data automaticlly and the data can be process using any language available…i code my robot using php javascript and jquery…we can even build entire system ourself using any language but we need data feed that is very expensive…if the cost is matter we just need to extact the data from mt4 only…kindly update me if u need any help