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I would like to take a skill test again

I could not take the skill test. I would like to take a skill test again. How can I take a skill test?


@mri_limon I am pretty sure you can redo a test by simply selecting the Test that you wish and it should say something like “You have taken this test 1 out of 2 permitted times in the last 3-month period” and should have a RETAKE button next to it, click on that to do your skill test again. Also, just incase you dont see that RETAKE button its probably because you have exceeded the amount of retakes fiverr allows in the span of 3-months period and in that case all you can do is wait until the 3-month time frame is done and then can happily retry. Either way, Good Luck! :smiley:


thanks but i hove no retake button. After how long can I take the English skill test again?

It is explained here:

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24 hours again retake skill test