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I would love if I could get your opinion on my new gig

Hi! :grinning:
I recently made a new gig, it is my second gig on Fiverr. I am looking to get some opinions on how it looks and what is your impression, and do you think that there could be a buyer interested?


Hey @vidovicborna,

you are welcome here but please do not create the same topic for the same gig everyday. :slight_smile:


Alright, yeah sorry, I won’t haha :grinning:
I just never got any answers so I deleted the on before and tried again.

Images look good! Why is 90% of the text highlighted, though? Save the highlighting for a few important segments that you want to draw attention to. :slight_smile:

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Just reply your topic which is inactive and It will go in front of all topics list.

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Oh, alright. Thanks!

I highlighted a lot of text just because it looks better, to me at least. :sweat_smile:

Naah, It’s even harder to read for me. In my opinion that highlight just draws attention so I use them for a title before bullet or ordered list.


I feel the same way as Tadas_Puleikis. For me, Gig descriptions are hard to read when all of the text is highlighted or in bold.

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Alright, I changed it up a bit. How about now?

Alright, thanks a lot!

Better but still messy and not enough text. Check for any profile or Gig of this forum users.

Here’s a plan for you gig:

  1. Paragraph of intro about your service.
  2. Paragraph of your experience and why to choose you.
  3. 1-3 Lists about Gig benefits, what you will provide, etc.
  4. Final remarks like: CTA’s (call to action texts), “Have a nice day” or Gig notice like “Always contact me before placing an order”.

Alright, I will try to re-organize it. Thanks again :smiley:

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Fiverr is a store and Gig is of your store product…Now what you should do ,represent your product professionally to your customers…

  • Stay active on fiver
  • Specialized your skill
  • Maintain professional gigs
  • Customer satisfaction is No 01. goal
  • Don’t under rate your self.
  • Be positive! Stay positive!
  • Send buyer requests