I would love some constructive feedback on my 1st gig


Hey guys!

So this is the story - I’m new here and quite excited to be a part of this community. I haven’t got any sales as yet, but it’s only been a week since I joined, so I’m not too worried. However, what I would really like to hear is a good, honest and constructive feedback on my gig. Is there anything I can improve? Is there anything I should change? Thanks in advance for all the responses :slight_smile:



Dear Eva:

I suggest replacing the image of you from your profile picture that you’ve included in your gig Live Portfolio, because it’s redundant. The other image is fine, but I suggest you add two more images that show you brainstorming.

I should caution you that your profile image is so quirky, it may raise eyebrows, because so many male Fiverr Sellers like to use profile images of attractive young blonds that people may not believe this is an actual photo of you.

In any event, I suggest A/B testing various profile photos, perhaps trying some of you in professional dress, and in photos that look more “real person” and less “quirky supermodel”.

You should have a video of yourself presenting your elevator pitch to the Buyer (this can help to settle the question of whether you appear in your profile image). I suggest you rehearse that, and re-iterate until you come across like the presenters in the spokesperson gigs.

I can’t imagine why you’d offer 12 ideas for $5.

Are you sure about talking with people around the world on Skype? Once they get your Skype deets, what’s to stop them from Skyping you all the time?

Are you working on a project and you found yourself stuck?

I suggest making the text more consistent:

Are you working on a project and finding yourself stuck?

Given that you are working for your first sale, I recommend that you broaden your offerings to give yourself more exposure and more opportunities to connect with Buyers.

You might want to try offering Gig Packages and see if they do well versus your gig extras.

You could make use of your 2 available pdf slots by showing sample, dummy brainstorm reports, so your Buyers know what to expect.

Good luck,


Hi Blaise!

Thank you so much for your great feedback! I love some of your ideas and I’m going to do a couple of changes as you suggested.

And to answer a few of your questions, I realize the gig picture may come across a bit quirky. I guess what I was trying to achieve is to come across as a witty, cheerful and creative person, make it a little different and eye-catching in lieu of a picture downloaded from google. I do see your point though about people not believing it’s me. It was actually my first and last photoshoot for a highschool yearbook :smiley:

I love the video idea!!! I’m certainly going to have a look into that.

Oh and re. Skype, of course I would create a different account, logging on only when I need to use it.

PDF dummy report? LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Thank you once again!

Any more comments, ideas, questions - more than welcome :slight_smile:


If you intend to communicate with clients via Skype, you may wish to contact Customer Support, inform them about it, and ask for their advice on how to proceed. Otherwise you risk receiving a warning (or worse) for exchanging personal contact information (usually forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service, unless you have the permission for it) and for inviting your clients to contact you outside of Fiverr.


A request for creative ideas on a post which provides creative ideas about a gig which provides creative ideas. You went full inception on this one. :joy:


Dear Silk Route:

I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming!

Three times!

Thank you,

P.S. Eva, feel free to check out the following link: