I would love to help sellers to create a nice GIG Image :) (FREE)


Ok Having a good GIG image is a must to get lot of orders I would love to make a GIG image for you… andddd yeh its FREE of CHARGE hehe :smiley:

You just have to share my profile on facebook or twitter and send me a screenshot then I will make your GIG as you want or I will make it myself a good one :slight_smile:

Thank you!! :smiley:

Malshan Fonseka!


hey malli i like to share your profile in fb.so how i should to send that proof screenshot to u ?? i mean here or pv message… thanks…



Reply to @omanbux: Hello, nice to meet you aiya :smiley: just put in here so I can see it :slight_smile: and send me your gig link to make the GIG IMAGE :slight_smile:


Reply to @omanbux: sinhala therenawane ne hehe awlak nahene methanama danna mamath oyage gig image eka methana post karannam link ekath ekka :wink: ethakota thawath hondai ne :slight_smile:


Reply to @mclabz:

malli menna mage gig eka.description eka poddak balala galapena vidiyakata hadala denna. thanks a lot… :smiley:


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You really did an amazing job on my gig photo, it absolutely puts the rest to shame. Thanks a million:)


Yikes! That’s a biggie.


Reply to @omanbux: Thank you aiya oyage link eka ewanada gig eka mama hadala dennam GIG image eka :slight_smile:


aiya matath udauwak denawadaaa…


Reply to @creativecw: sure malli mage www.fiverr.com/mclabz/make-your-web-bannersblog-banners Facebook share karala screenshot ekak danna mata + mata oyage gig image eka hadanna oni gig link ekath ewanna


Reply to @kissreviews: :smiley: :smiley: