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I would love to interview some of you on my youtube channel


OK, so the past few days have been nuts. I have gotten a lot of flack for ‘supporting’ Fiverr all over social media. No worries I can take it.

If any of you have the time to do a 20-minute interview on my youtube channel live stream via skype…

I would love to set up an interview on what fiverr has meant to your career and how you are crushing it on fiverr

Before you answer you can check out my youtube channel here

Looking for voice over artists, graphic designers, explainer video producers, etc.

I want to give light to those that have benefitted big time on fiverr.

You in?


Well, as attractive as it sounds to share in the flack you have been getting, I must turn it down as I have been blessed with a face for radio and a voice for print media.


I share your feelings. That’s why I chose radio and not TV :slight_smile:


You guys are much too modest! You are both very attractive men.

@earlhallvo it might be best to ask customer support about this first, since 1. you will be using skype and 2. you are in effect exchanging your service for a service, without any gigs being involved.


Oh you! :blush:


You’ve got good taste MissCrystal. :wink:

@mariokluser blushed yesterday, Eoin today lol!


no worries all the best to you :grinning:


thanks didn’t think it would be a conflict thanks for letting me know


You can use OCB studio or the functionalities of Youtube itself to do interviews.


You just triggered me :slight_smile:


I think she does that to you a lot!


If I were sipping a cup of coffee blissfully. Spending the majority of my day on a sunny beach. Playing golf even though it’s so boring. I’d take the benefitted big time on fiverr thingy.

I guess I’m not eligible.

Oh and the face thingy, yea, I don’t think anyone would want to see my face. I’m just that good on the radio my face isn’t necessary. :wink:

Wow! You’ve got some big things going for you on your channel! I wish you the very best!


She triggers so much. Every time :joy::joy::joy: