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I would love to see an "accept order" button

In the last couple of days I have gotten orders that require an upgrade. One refused the upgrade and then threw “bait and switch” at me even though my description clearly notes people drawings are more. They will not cancel and will not upgrade. I have a support ticket in on that but who knows how long it will take.

Today I get another who wants another complicated icon drawn but won’t upgrade and declined a mutual request. Trouble is, I am not even sure I can DRAW what they want.

I have now idea how to deal with this. I have so much text in my description now, it’s insane. Sigh. A few bads really make you forget the greats here at Fiverr.

I am with you all the way, I definitely agree. Too many buyers are placing orders, in some cases for services that require materials upfront, without giving the materials and waiting until the last minute to present them, while declining cancellations. In fact, I believe mutual cancellations should be built more along these lines as well.

My suggestion:

If a gig has not been delivered and it is well within the delivery time, if a mutual cancellation is sent and declined more than 3 times, an automatic refund takes place, because sometimes Fiverr support may take a while and it just runs to later order, emotional draining the seller.

I totally understand how you feel.
This is frustrating.
Buyers should really contact the sellers prior to placing an order.

On that note, do you have it written down on your description that the buyers should contact you before placing an order?
This could help you give them an exact quote and help reduce the fuss.

Staying on topic, great idea and I totally support it.
Fiverr should have an ‘accept order’ button

I do, I have a comment along the lines of if you have questions about your icon, please contact me. But it’s clearly not enough.

I really like to work here but I really am tired of the buyer sided platform… I am not trying to rip people off. I wish they’d stop trying to rip me off.

First I think that if this is happening to you very often, then you need to look at your gig description write up and make some changes. Sure it happens to every seller once in awhile but if it is a consistent problem often then there is something else besides just the once in a while scammer trying to get free work.

And a little “comment along the lines of” is not enough. What you can try to do is put at the top of your ad PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. Many people do that, so see if it helps.

Also, I looked at your gig and to be honest, I think it is a little confusing to the average person of what you would consider to be an upgraded or more complicated design. You have one design with all the people on it that says that is upgraded, but all your other samples have some kind of icon, a crown, etc., and your upgrade simply says, “Include a more complicated drawing. Includes Animals and People” but how would someone know what other things are more complicated for you to draw?

Looks like you have 15 jobs waiting for you and you are a good seller with many reviews, so if you have to cancel a few here and there, don’t sweat it. Doesn’t the job automatically cancel after a few days even if the buyer doesn’t agree to it?

I would be happy to take suggestions on how to make it more clear… as right now it says the first two are simple and the third is an upgrade. It describes what an upgrade is and asks that if they have questions to contact me.

it’s not happening ALL the time but when it clearly say PEOPLE IS AN UPGRADE and they won’t upgrade when wanting a person, I am at a loss.

And the other thing is I don’t mind the cancel but if they refuse the cancel, what do you do?

also, just a random question, why are so many of your portfolio pieces on a notebook? I understand that might be for proofing, but why would they be used for your portfolio instead of the real logo?

This is something many sellers have asked for now and I can only hope support is at least thinking about it. I never really have an issue with buyers not following instructions, but this week was different.

One ordered without contacting me first (all of my gigs say to) and what they wanted is something it said I don’t do. Another spoke to me first, but ordered before having any of the files I need to do the work yet (which I state in the description and instructions not to do). A third shipped something to me before even placing an order, then ordered without talking to me first, then asked what they should order (thank goodness for the ability to upgrade/add to active orders).

I’ve never had that happen before let alone all in the same day, but I don’t get that many orders. I can see people with dozens of orders a day really needing some kind of buffer to stop potentially problematic orders at the gate. Especially when you can’t just force a cancellation without penalty.

The accept order button won’t happen with the current system. I’ll explain why: fiverr wants to generate money. They want to initiate the payment when the buyer clicks order. The reason is understandable, this is a marketplace and some people order and they order now. fiverr doesn’t want them to think twice since just because the buyer orders now, it doesn’t mean he would order the same in 15 minutes or in a day, so chances that he reconsiders are withdraws the order again are higher than if it is booked.

Ok, now you will probably say: No cancellations allowed, but here comes the next issue. What if the order is not accepted by the seller. Then fiverr has to refund the money. This can cause issues cause fiverr doesn’t refund it to paypal but to the account, so if the amount is high enough, buyers might file complains with paypal to get their funds back and that’s bad news cause charge-backs can cause trouble if they happen frequently.

So let’s find a solution: To make this all work, fiverr would have to add a new option that doesn’t allow to order at all and the first thing that happens would be that buyers would need to contact the seller and if both parties are okay with the order, the seller could click a button in his/her inbox that says ‘I accept this order’ and then the buyer is charged (not before because of the refund issues). That way it would cause no issues and that’s good news.

It could just work like custom offers, just that the buyer requests the gig, seller gets a notification and accepts or declines, then the buyer is charged.

That would be a solution that works out.

Definitely agree that it would work best if no money is taken from the seller until an order is accepted to simplify things all around!

Well, no matter how it will or will not be done, it will always have benefits and negative effects. I am on no real side, I just want that things make sense and that people have a choice. I am for example totally against features that are enables by default when they roll out. So to me the best option is to have options and to freely decide what I want to enable and what not.

Reply to @gailbunning: contact support and tell them buyer is being difficult

Reply to @funkygfx: I have but it seems like they take a long time to help. Thanks for the input.

Reply to @gailbunning: Ok, a suggestion for you :slight_smile: I just reread it again here is what I might try…something along these lines. It’s too wordy at the top. And I would take out that MANY of the samples are upgraded. I looked through about the first 10-12 and to me it looks like only maybe 3 would be an upgrade, and only one of them actually says it.

• This Gig is for a simple drawn logo.
• Adding animals, people or people forms (hands, feet, things like that) is an EXTRA Upgrade Gig cost.
• Please contact BEFORE you order to see if your icon requires an upgrade.

For $5 you will get:

1 1200x1200 JPEG in color
1 revision, not a complete redraw, minor revision
Type and very simple icon, digitally drawn. For example 1 or 2 hearts, flowers etc. Flat, one dimensional drawings.

If you’d like more than one idea, please purchase multiple gigs. For example, if you’d like to see 3 ideas, you will need to purchase the gig x 3. Or for complicated designs gig x 3 and complicated x 3. Same for PNG files.

These are flat/simple looks. I use fonts, not hand drawn letters. They have a playful & childish feel much of the time. I do not do corporate looking logos. Images are NOT delivered on the notebook. That is just for proofing.

Reply to @sincere18: Honestly, most buyers complete before I’ve sent the final files so that is was shows up…

Reply to @sincere18: Thank you, I will try that.

I sort of also wish we could pick what goes in the port and what doesn’t… but that’s another barf.

Reply to @gailbunning: oh, I see, now I get it.

Reply to @gailbunning: I think you can change what goes into your portfolio because not everyone has that many pieces in theirs even if they have a ton of orders. I am mainly a buyer, but I think there might be some out of the way option to change that, I’ve read it a few times. Maybe search the forum here about that and see what comes up. I think it may be one of those features where it’s automatically turned on on your end, though I know the buyer can choose to decline it. But there should be a way to turn it off at the getgo on your end.

Reply to @sincere18:

You can see there are some that aren’t, and they’ve “okay” like I ask before completing so I can send all the file types etc.

I’m navigating the best way to deliver proofs so that people don’t use them then cancel. I have had that happen a few times now.