I would suggest allowing only 1 account per user


At the moment a seller can simply create a new account if the sellers reputation goes sour due to negative feedback caused by bad service, scamming or whatever.


You ARE allowed to have an account deleted and then create a new one, yes.

You are NOT allowed to have multiple accounts, although it’s not stated in the TOS, customer support has stated this to me and I am sure many others as well… they also have banned accounts with the reason of “multiple accounts”.

Whether being able to have your account deleted and being able to simply create a new one should be allowed or not… I think it should be. There are some sellers that have their account rating and reputation ruined by abusive buyers, competitors, or just made mistakes because they were new… and would like to start over with a new account. This should be permitted.

As far as those who scam and such… they will be banned every time most likely. If they are too much trouble, I believe Fiverr can simply ban their IP.


Reply to @arnevb: In the past, I have asked if it was allowed to have multiple accounts for yourself. The answer is no, however, you are allowed to have multiple people in one household with the same IP have an account, so long as the gigs are not similar on the accounts.

I have also had an old account deleted by asking customer support to delete it for me, and asked if I could create a new one later on… they said yes, so here I am on this account today. :slight_smile:

So, yes… my information comes from conversations with customer support.