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I would suggest to be very careful

I FEEL THIS!! I worked with (**********) and he just wants free services!
I screen shotted how he tried to trick me into giving away my services for free (because of course the message is now deleted) and how his word exchange with me towards the end was altered once he realized he was continuing to have failed attempts at using his words to get free services!! His words expressed one of someone who was confused but very aware of how manipulative he thinks he can be.

I would suggest to be very careful to not feed the buyers your CHEAT SHEET because they WILL TRY and just like she responded, there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. get over it. learn from it. press on.

This was one of my first Fiverr experiences and I am glad I learned it in the beginning!
Other than that experience I have had a nice start on Fiverr and I look forward to seeing how far this journey will take me.

I hope this helps


Mod Note: Username removed. It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller.

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I did the same, thank you for sharing because I am certain it will help others

Thank you for your advice, Believe me this is the last time i will do this Mistake

I am glad that it did help you, i did opened the topic because i know there are people who will face the same problem in the future.

There is nothing you can do except reporting and blocking him. I don’t think they will return your money