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Iam a man Unlucky

Ha ha ha iam the most un lucky man .I not get any order from my gigs.

I think iam a useless fellow hahaha…!

Anyway good luck for your gigs…!


hay bro dont hopless. i think better day comming soon.

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Hello dear @jhonnylkfrancis ,
Please don’t get frustrated. Fiverr is works if you know all rules and use it properly. After 7 months of joining fiverr, I got my first order and now it’s working with me.
Please try to use it properly. And also you need to promote your gig through social media.
Please carry on.
We are with you.

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I am agreed with you bro. @rana_jewel
@jhonnylkfrancis, please try your best to get order.

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I personally disagree with you being unlucky, you are simply not putting in enough effort and time. Here are 2 main things I’d like to point out:

Did you spend a LONG time creating your gigs?
Some of your gig description is VERY short and it does not explain what you do.

Did you double check your gig description, made sure there are no grammar errors, spelling mistakes, etc?
I found a LOT of grammar errors in your description. You can hire someone to edit them for you.

You should get those 2 fixed first before you start saying you are unlucky.


It’s called lazy, not unlucky :wink:
Start with @zeus777 recommendations and then move on to this old post

PS. In your portfolio use only work that you’ve done.

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You either believe in luck - or you do not. I personally think that you make your own luck in life. If I get free time, then I write for myself, check out what others are doing, refine my gig or promote it.

You need to do whatever it takes to become successful. I don’t think that whining about ‘luck’ will bring you any orders.

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Never give up. no one is unlucky. we can make our life. you need to be patient . try sending buyer request always. do quality work for your clients. Good luck. Believe yourself.

@jhonnylkfrancis Please don’t make discouraging posts. I am also a new seller and already completed 6 orders within 20 days and hope to achieve the Level 1 soon. Don’t even think to be millionaire within nights. It’s not like you open an account in Fiverr and you get flooded with orders! :expressionless: Try following @zeus777’s words as those are things you MUST follow at the very beginning.

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You are no unlucky, I think you need to hire someone to help reword your gigs. And keep on promoting gigs off Fiverr.

lol! You are not unlucky, you are lazy.

I checked your profile and I can’t see any efforts done by you.

thanks you for support me