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Iam new heare fiver is a templets selling location like video hive


Iam new heare fiverr is a templets selling location like video hive ???


Sort of but not quite. Video Hive is a more like a stock service where you create stock footage to be reviewed and later posted for purchase. Here, you advertise your skill set by way of samples, for potential sellers to view.

If they see something they like, they will then order from you and provide a set of instructions of what they would like you to produce. Once the work done, you’ll then deliver the finish product to the client.


Explore this beautiful place, it has everything you need not just templates…


@steamvfx I see from your profile picture and from your question, that you will be one of those sellers who plans on stealing stuff from videohive and illegally re-sell them here.

one word of advice: don’t do that.

Profiles like that don’t make it for that long. We are reporting them on a weekly basis.