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Iam New Joined today guide me a little


iam Drawing from childhood but i never took parts in competition or joined any academy.everything is self learned, i used google so i have nothing to qualify My Sketching Skill…i uploaded some pics i made…i hope they believ its made by me.mostly people deny that here.when i show them…iam 19 years old studying in college.need part time job so i applied here…i made a gig…But noone is contacting me its been 6 hours…what to do.and tell me if there is some other things i can try.iam Creative also.


iams is a brand of dog food. So you could say you’ve made a dog’s dinner of this. lulz.


I’m not surprised no one has contacted you in only 6 hours. It may take a few days or weeks.


In order for people to contact you, you must have active gigs.


As I said, dog’s dinner. OP, you need to help yourself first.


It has to be seen to be believed.
OP you have no gigs!