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Iam new on fiverr need buyers


How to get orders on fiverr help me out guys.


check the “buyers requests” section an start sending offers to potential buyers.


did’nt show any buyer there and if there any they never reply why this happened with me ? Help me brother to get my first order kindly :frowning:


they compare your request with others and accept the offer they find more suitable to them, try to improve your work, review and your prices.


my prices are very basic bro can you provide me buyers ?


what you mean by “provide me buyers” ?


Means that can you send me clients I am new here dont know how fiverr works check my profile and telme what changes I make please.


If buyers notice that your gig description is copied from someone else, they might think that your designs would be stolen, too, and choose someone who seems to be more honest.

You’re in a very competitive category. What do you offer that would make buyers choose you over everyone else?


I offer whole stationary designs like business card, letterhead, envolope, flyer, poster designs. check my profile and telme


I’ve seen your profile, how else would I know that your gig description is copied from someone else?

My question stands. Why would buyers choose you over thousands of others? How is your offer better?


Iam new here I dont know how to wrtire proper gig discriptions thats why.


If you get reported for a copied description, Fiverr could remove your gig, and you could get an account warning.


check buyers requests and sent offer them
and check your gigs IMPRESSIONS,& if you not published a gig video
and do it
also put 3 sample photos/images(550x370ppi)



how to get order i am already used buyer requests


i sent a lot of offers about 86, till date, no purchase. it gets me worried. any help?


You can send custom offers for buyers requests. And tell them what you can do for them… Wish you all the best…!!!