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Ibadullahiqbal : I will place your advertisement message on 30 different

Hellow every one at last i got my first order…But now i want to get more order at least 7 to 10 in month. How?
Please help


Every business in the world gains more customers by marketing and promoting their services. Please stop complaining about not getting sales for free, and get out there and work for them. Promote your services to the people who need them, and you could bring in the customers you seek.

Fiverr is not an easy-money website. You are going to have to WORK for your income.


You have filled in orders
It will take 01 days
Do not worry
Order next
Some do not order at all
Promote gig on social networking sites


1)Know your skills.
2)Add a detailed description of your gig.
3)Add video.
4)Look at your sales analytics every day.
5)Improve the keywords on your gig.


What a great gig. I think you’ll do well. :slight_smile:


Sir plz tell me which category is well for this gig…