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ICC Champions Trophy


Have been given a contract to cover the ICC Champions Trophy (cricket - to start this Thursday in England with 8 nations) for a European sports website. So regardless of who wins or loses, I will make money. LOL.


Congrats. Looking forward to the India-Pakistan matchup.


I look forward to every match LOL…get paid for every preview and match report…


Hahaha. I think ICC should also introduce the best freelance writer award for you.


This came after I covered the IPL for them. Now the website says they want me to cover all top cricket tournaments, EPL, La Liga and UEFA Champions League from next season. This is just amazing for me, as I get paid for what I would gladly do for free :sunglasses:


That’s great. I wish I could find a similar site on soccer niche.


There are many like that. Start a gig on football.


Yeah! I was thinking about that. But gigs are so difficult to rank. Right now, only 1 of my 5 gigs is ranked.


Many soccer/cricket sites ask for applications from writers. You can also try directly.


Yes, I will look into that. The problem with such sites is that they take months, if not weeks, to respond. But anyways, I will give it another go. Let’s hope for the best.


Another thing that could be causing the problem here is that I have never marketed my gigs. I have never even shared my gigs on social media. Yesterday, I asked a fellow writer on Fiverr to possibly give me a hint on how to market my gigs (I think you remember the thread. You also said that you would discuss the marketing part with him).
He replied with;
Sorry, I can’t.
When I replied him with a “Thank You” and best wishes for the future, he said:
“All right”


It’s not fair to be critical, that seller has his own problems and did not feel up to sharing his secrets, I can understand. We all have our insecurities and react in different ways to people online at different times. Not fair to judge him based on that.


Have a look this thread from Eoin - it might give you some ideas! :slight_smile:


Oh that’s a great achievement bhai congo.


Nah, I am not judging anyone. It’s his method. He has the full right to either share it or keep it a secret. It’s just that his tone was a bit odd. Who replies with “All right” when someone says “Wish you best of luck”?


That’s awesome, enjoy the games! :smile: