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ID Account Verification

I can’t verify my account using phone number because I’m not receiving any links by sms and I’m supposed to be receiving them to proceed to verify my account
What to do ??

Ok so this was an issue I also faced a long time ago that i was not receiving messages from different service companies.
So this isnt an issue from fiverr, all these service companies who needs to send an OTP to your phone deducts a small amount of balance from your sim operator.

  1. So first make sure you do have balance on your sim for sms transfer.
  2. Next is sometimes there may be a problem in our device, so go to message section in your phone go to message settings their you will get an option known as message center number, so you need to make sure the message center number is correct for your sim, now how to know that exact message center number you just need to contact with your sim operator customer service they can explain better.

So I hope your issue of not getting OPT gets resolved.