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I'd appreciate a critique of my gig

I thought I did a good job on it, but something is clearly missing as I haven’t gotten any work yet.


Hi there! I’ve been doing proofreading since March, after having signed up in February, so I can offer you some advice in terms of your pricing.

You should lower your prices. I know it sucks to hear, but in order to garner your first few orders and 5-star reviews, you pretty much need to offer some of the lowest prices for a relatively large volume of work.

I started out at $5 for 3000 words, $10 for 5000, and something like $20 for 10,000. I’m not saying you have to replicate this, but I’d at least recommend $5/2000 words (I see you have it at $10). Now, as a Level 1 seller, my gigs are as follows: $5/2000, $10/4000, $30/10000. I’d like to raise my prices more, but unfortunately, l’ve experienced a major slowdown in orders lately. I have also received a few custom orders and made a lot more than what I formally offer.

Secondly, you should be more specific as to what type of content you edit. It’s cool if you edit anything, but you should state at least a few specific categories in your description, e.g. blogs, articles, novels. This way, when someone searches “novel,” your gig may show up in the results.

Your promo video is great and I’d say it’s a plus to have.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions.

Your profile picture is in use on a large number of other sites which will cause trust issues. Any buyer that does a reverse search on that image will assume that you are being deceptive, even if you aren’t.

If you really can proofread well, I suggest that you use a better profile photo and create a gig image that is original as well. Use all the space you can to show your originality and experience. Put sample work up in your gig/PDF areas and make sure it’s actual examples of proofreading that you have really done. If you do those things, keep your prices low until you get levels and bid on buyer requests with well-written proposals, you should be able to get rolling. It might take a while. Buyers need to see serious reasons to choose your service over others.

Thanks! I really appreciate the help.

Okay, I don’t know how it happened, but my gig’s cover pic is my video. I can’t figure out how to change it.

If you want to keep the video on the gig, the only the you can do is change the frame from the video that is shown, by editing the gig and going to the gig gallery, clicking on the icon with the pencil and paper, changing the video frame (playing the video and pausing on the part you want) and saving. It might take about 6 hours to change it on the gig.

edit: but fonthaunt was saying it is your profile picture that isn’t unique and the profile picture is also one of the gig’s images.

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