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I'd just like to purchase a quality gig!

I have probably spent over two days simply browsing through the writing category on Fiverr.

I’'m nt really, interested in puRchaSing wr’ting srvices from these writerz. WE R PROF’SSIONAL

Please. My hands are sore. And that’s probably because I’m using a trackpad and not a mouse.

As stressful as it is, I simply wanted to take a 2 minute break and rant.

Hey Acentius!

Sorry you’re having trouble.

There’s a rumor going around that there’s some kind of ‘epic’ writer on Fiverr.

He’s found on the blog even ;).

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Who is this silly character below me? points down

Cheerio Acentius!

I am sorry you are having some trouble.

“There is a rumor going around here, it is that there is some kind of ‘epic’ writer on Fiverr.”

He may be found’ed on Fiverr by searching profiles even . “<–period” :wink: () () (*)


Being a professional seller at the same time, you might be expecting higher standard when you purchase others’ gigs. I also spend lots of time finding gigs I want. The drawback of enjoying such low priced services on Fiverr is spending much more time sifting. Time is money.

I find that out of 10 writers I can only find one good seller. However, this is also true of real life, face-to-face hiring. If you post a job ad and 100 people apply, it’s quite likely that you will only find 10 or fewer good ones. :slight_smile:

You can try out my services if you want. I have sold thousands of gigs and not had a single complaint about quality.

Plus, the fact I went from 15-20 sales a day to 1 a week means that my schedule is wide open…

Hello everyone, thank you for your responses!

The problem is, while some sellers seem slightly credible, I am also looking for someone that speaks native English just to ensure they completely understand what I need, and that it’s something reasonable, not a “write 50 words for $5” or something which I occasionally come across.

I did end up buying from this one seller who is simply AMAZING. Both in his creativity and his speed of delivery.

This is his profile link if anyone is reading this thread and is interested:

Happy Fiverring!