I'd like to give a shout out to a buyer that made me happy today!


I have been very swamped with orders. Seriously working on fiverr from the time I wake up until I go to bed every single day. Well, I had not gotten to respond and message people with new orders who have ordered for the last few days, just haven’t had time. Today I finally did because someone was trying to cancel an order because they hadn’t heard from me. So I messaged everyone. I apologized for not getting back to them yet, etc.

Well, I got a message back from one person today and it totally made my day and I wish all buyers were this way. Here’s what he said to me:

"No problem, enjoy life and take it easy :)"

I love it!!!

Thank you dushideals! :slight_smile: Now I can go on with my life in joy!


That rocks! I love my buyers. :smiley:


lisha, did you suspend your gigs? You only have 2 with 1 order each…


Reply to @empowerim Yes I suspended my gigs. I kept the quick easy gigs activated. I had way too many orders, plus other things in life I needed time for. I’ve been working 12 hour days on fiverr and everything else has fallen to the wayside. And right now all my gigs are suspended except for my tip jar :wink:


Good thread starter, Lisha. I collected your Twitter follower gig. I like your description because it conveys that you understand social media and you’re about quality over just quantity. Please collect one of mine: http://s.gnoss.us/fiverr . Thanks


Thnat’s great Lisha!

I get one occasionaly that makes my day.

I ALLways try and make someones day! (on and offline)

It doesn’t cost any extra to be polite and pleasant!

So SMILE - it’s a GREAT day to be happy!


Funny how small words can make someone’s day :slight_smile: Wish all buyers were as understanding!


Sometimes the great comment or review can be better than the $$ you made for the gig :slight_smile: