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I'd like to hear your experiences of putting your prices up

Hello everyone!

I’ve now been working on Fiverr for just over a month. Within this time I’ve completed 33 orders and have a 5 star rating. I mainly make videos for businesses, such as unboxings and reviews. I charge $5 dollars for a short video and $10-$15 for longer, more in depth videos.

I was wondering what everyone’s experiences have been with putting their prices up? I’d like to do this full time but I’d need to put my prices up to be able to live off it. I was hoping to put each of the three categories I offer up by $5 so: $10, $15 and $20. However, I’m worried this will just end in my gigs dropping down to the bottom and a lack of sales. (I’m currently the third top on my most popular Gig in the search).

Thanks :slight_smile:


HI hollieaharvey!

You can Increase your Gigs price , It will not drop down your gig , you also can check my gig , I was started my gig with low price , but now my maximum gigs prices is more then 100$, keep Good work and get more and more order Best wish for your work …

Thanks Kaium!


I raised my prices very slowly once I became a level 2. I tried when I was a level 1, but sales went way down. However, you could try raising yours for a short period and see what happens. The good part about having higher prices is I no longer have as many unpleasant buyers.


Don’t do video for $5, you are just devaluing your work and the field. How long do you spend on a $5 project?


Usually about 10 minutes. It’s only me speaking to a camera naturally most of the time.

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Ah, I see, I thought you worked in video as in video editing, that’s completely different. Still, at those prices we are talking about $5 per 10 minutes (but let’s say 20 to take into account speaking with the client, getting the instructions and delivering), so that’s $15 an hour (minus fiverr and currency conversion fees). It’s up to you to know if that’s what you think you should be making or not :slight_smile:

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Btw, to increase your prices you should look into improving your video quality - good lighting, a green / white screen to have a consistent background, good audio quality. Improve your gig videos and photos as well, all your gig photos are the same - your personal photo. That doesn’t inspire confidence.

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After I hit 50 reviews or so I doubled my prices - but to be fair I literally had the lowest on the market (and still do even after doubling them lol). This didn’t affect my sales at all.

I increased my gig price further after a while, to about the Fiverr average for my niche, and I still got orders, but not as many. After a while it tapered down quite a bit so I changed it back.

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Still in the question of raising prices and lowering number of sales - you have to do the math. If you sell one service for 100, that’s the same as selling 20 services for 5, so if you increase the price from 5 to 100 and your number of orders stay above 1/20 of what they were before, you are still on the green - and 1/20 is an ABSURD ratio, you would have to drop to 0 orders, pretty much.

IMO, quality over quantity, few high paying orders over many low paying ones. It’s advantages all around - less work, better clients, etc.

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Good!..Which service you provide?

I provide voice overs in the “british, female” category

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Nice , I will message you for order … if I also need any female voice for my Animation Thanks

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You can start by doing a search and see the prices other sellers in your niche are selling. I think that should help you know how much you should add to your current price. The idea is to make your price as competitive as possible. I wish you goodluck!

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