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I'd like to illustrate your photo for free!


Hi there. I’m a level two seller, and I work as a graphic designer illustrator in my own little studio.

On Fiverr I have 3 illustration gigs, one for portraits, one for chibi game characters and christmas cards with portraits.

I do gigs on Fiverr to make some extra money and also because I love illustrating people :slight_smile:

I’m offering to make 3 free illustrations. All you have to do is pick a number 1 through 10 which is not already chosen, and the number would be chosen randomly. If you’re the winner, send me a clear picture of yourself and I’ll illustrate it for you in any of my gig styles. It’d be great if you could recommend me to your friends and come back for more if you like the illustrations :slight_smile:

The winner would be chosen once all the numbers are taken

Thank You so much.






Thank you so much for everyone who has commented! I’m still hoping more people pick a number so I can chose 3 winners fairly! :smiley:


Hi, 2, What a cool offer!








8 is my second favorite number!!! (I know… I have favorite numbers.)


10, big fat hen. I like your idea, nice.




All number gone, 1st comment on new set, 7 will be my choice.


I missed it…-_-…


Hi there! Thanks a lot for participating. I’ve used the website to generate 3 winners. And the winning numbers are

3 - @voiceoverwork

6 - @jessica_carter

5 - @madmoo

The winners can now pick a style from my gigs (stylish illustration or a chibi illustration) and message me a picture of themselves and I would illustrate it for you pronto :slight_smile:

Looking forward to doing the illustrations!

Many thanks