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ID misplaced from Platform and no promotion is working

Hi People,

I’m suffering from some bad experiences of Fiverr. My ID was working fine and Fiverr promoted it to page 2
of general ranking of the logo design as a bestseller. Suddenly I started receiving orders like 15, 30, or 33 in a day
what happened like my promotion was working with the price rate of 2.90, and I reduce it to 2.50. The next few days o just stopped receiving new orders and my ID was misplaced from the platform. Like it was on the 2nd page and the order day it was not anywhere
between 1 and 22 pages. I had a long discussion with the support team guys, but they really don’t help, the only good things they
help to cancel the orders otherwise I never find their help any fruitful

95% of my order were rated with 5 stars, but I did not see any changes in ID ranking it’s not improving like new customers can’t see It.

I’m very much frustrated with the Fiverr support team.

It’s been around 3 months since 13th January and today no new orders from a new customer.

Thanks folks