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Id problem solved pls

I want another job on fiverr now. I want to close my account now but my ID card has been verified. I want to start anew. After closing the account. Can I verify a Fiverr account with the same card? pls solved my problem


I’ll save you some time waiting for answers.

Take it up with Fiverr CS.


You likely cannot close one account and make a new one with the same ID, payment info and email. You are only allowed one account here. Why do you want to close your account that is already up and verified?

Only thing you can do is like looseink said, talk to customer service and tell them why you want to close the existing account and start a new one. They may or may not allow this. If you are wanting to start a new account because you want to offer completely different services, just make Gigs for those services under your existing account if you have not already made all the Gigs you can.


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thank you so murch

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as far I know, You can’t do this. Contact Fiverr CS team

No you can not make this.But for a better solution contact fiver CS

The question was answered by @looseink. Why do we have these repeated answers?! SMH :woman_facepalming:t2:

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