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ID Verification: Account Disabled

Hello Fiverrs,

I have been selling on this platform for about 1 year and 6 months and completed over 200 jobs.

I got a notification from Fiverr yesterday, requesting that I verify my ID.

Following the instructions, I took a picture of my National ID and a selfie of myself and sent through.

Few minutes later, I got an email stating that my Fiverr Account had been disabled.

I’m really confused why this would be, my Account has been in Nigeria all the while, verified with my Nigerian phone number, has my full name (which is the same as that on the ID), and has a personal logo which I created.

I have contacted CS and I’m yet to get a response.

What could my fate be?



Fiverr gives you three attempts to successfully verify your ID before it auto-disables your account. Are you sure your account got disabled in your first attempt?

There is a chance Fiverr might give you another attempt to verify your ID (if they’re feeling very benevolent). Before that happens, you might wanna equip yourself better so as to pass your next attempt.

I don’t mean to blow my own horn, but here are a few things I did to succeed in my ID verification process. I have also mentioned a few tips on how to succeed in the verification process. Here, have a look:


Thank you very much for your response.

I had earlier stumbled upon the link you just shared when I searched the forum to see if anyone had a similar experience.

I think they allow more than one attempt where an image is not clear or something of that nature. Truly i tried the verification just once, and a few minutes later I got a mail notifying me of my disabled account.

I recall that I had a friend whose account was disabled after he tried to verify his ID, reason being that he misled the community (which was indeed true) and that was stated the mail he received.

In my case, my profile reflects who I am, I had no fears at all going through the verification process, I was only shocked to receive a mail that my account had been disabled for violating TOS.

The last time which was the first time I ever received a TOS warning was over 6 months ago.

Here’s what CS replied me:

Hi Raphael,

I understand how upsetting that must be when the account gets disabled.

You may not create a false identity on Fiverr, misrepresent your identity, create a Fiverr profile for anyone other than yourself (a real person), or use or attempt to use another user’s account or information; your profile information, including your description, skills, location, etc., while may be kept anonymous, must be accurate and complete and may not be misleading, illegal, offensive or otherwise harmful.

Upon further review on your account with our Trust and Safety team, we are sorry to inform you that your account has been permanently disabled and will not be reinstated due to misrepresentation of yourself. Please refer to this link outlining our Terms of Service.

If you have funds available in your Fiverr account, please contact us 90 days after the date on which you received notification that your account was disabled, and we will gladly assist you.

Kind regards.

I love how Fiverr says “by the way, we think you are a criminal, shame on you” without ever saying why exactly.

Did you use a diving license or passort to verify your identity? Or did you use a kind of ID used only in Nigeria?

Also, might it be that Fiverr expects names on IDs to match profile names? i.e. ‘Cyaxrex’ isn’t my real name (which I hope is obvious).

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Well, that was flagged quickly!

I used my National ID which is a government issued ID card here in Nigeria.

My username is Raff_El, I coined that out of my name ‘Raphael’ since the username ‘Raphael’ had already been taken by another user but I’m very sure my profile contained my names in full which happens to be same as on my ID card.

Sorry, Raphael. It seems like we are not allowed to discuss your problem. :frowning:


I have just noticed that and again I’m wondering why.

I have sent another mail to CS emphasizing that the details contained in my profile are authentic and should be looked upon once again.

I hope to get a favorable response, otherwise it might just be a sad end to a great experience I was having on this platform.

I really appreciate your concern, thanks.


Since the mail I received read that my account had been disabled for misrepresentation, I contacted CS and insisted that information contained in my profile was authentic while kindly requesting that my account be looked into a little more closely, I got this response:

“Your account will not be reinstated and the decision is final, although we understand where you are coming from this was reviewed by our Trust & Safety team.”

Sad as it is, there’s nothing more I can do at this point other than bid a farewell to this platform.

Hi, what exactly does misrepresentation count as in this case?


We don’t have all the information on what went on. It’s impossible to say. What I mean is we don’t know full details in this case.

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I wish they would point that out to me at least. But they won’t and there’s nothing I can do about that.

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Were you using a different name than your actual name or lying about where you’re from?

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If he is do you think he would say it here?

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Account name was same as on my ID. My profile read Nigeria, and that’s where I am from.

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That’s a fair argument. Threads like this really get me worried.

@raff_el but that doesn’t answer my question. Were you lying about your actual name or where you’re from to your clients or in your profile?

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Yes I will.

At least I don’t have anything to lose or gain at this point. So there would not be any point in lying.

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So, Were you lying about your actual name or where you’re from to your clients or in your profile?

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I see we can’t mention that country name. Well anyway it was the same on his profile as he said.

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In that case, using an alias might be the reason. Well that is troublesome. A lot of people i know use aliases/nicknames to prevent their clients from tracing their social channels.

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