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ID Verification-account disabled

Hello! Yesterday I had 3 attempts to ID verification - I failed and my account was temporarily blocked! What should I do? who had it? I don’t know why I didn’t pass the verification - I added my passport photo and my selfie! I have no other passport


Contact customer service… you will given a trial again. This time make sure your passport and selfie are very clear.
I don’t know if this helps but try taking your selfie on a plain background same goes for your passport.
All the best :+1:


I tried it and the photos were taken with a professional camera! there are no other options, I’m afraid if it doesn’t work out my account will be blocked forever?

Just contact customer service and explain it to them… I have heard of many people with this issue and after contacting them it got resolved immediately.
Good luck

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The way you tried it, I complete my verification same way.

please you talk to the support team about your issue. hope solved this problem early


How long will the support team take to get back to me? I’m facing the same problem.
Although my fault was I ignorantly uploaded my picture both the first and second time.

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I live in Canada and for the ID verification I showed my Iranian passport. My account was disabled almost instantly and I contacted support but they’re not responding. I can’t do another ID verification because my account is disabled. What can I do to get my account back?

OK. I’m experiencing the same problem. I contacted support and a support person got back to me suggesting I retry my verification. I tried my verification again and nothing changes. I contacted support again and have not heard back since then. Any tip?