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ID Verification Crossroad

Hi everyone, I opened my fiverr account with a different name. I have excellent reviews from amazing work done and got tips most of the time.

Fiverr now asks me to verify my ID.

I sure can upload my selfie and government ID but the NAME on my ID would be different from the one I opened my fiverr account with.

I have come a long way and do not want to lose my account.

Please advise me on how to have my account in a good piece with this ID verification.

I look forward to your speedy response.



Are you referring to your user name?

If you are referring to your real name, then your best course of action is to contact CS to see if they can help you straighten things out.

There won’t be any problem!!
It is more good if you upload selfie instead government ID.

Did you read the OP’s question? She signed up to Fiverr with a name other than what is indicated on her government ID.

The name on fiverr is just username. Right?? It can be different.

That is what I thought at first. But then I read the post again. Now, I think the OP used a name other than her birth name and the one that is on her government ID, which could be an issue in the process of getting verified.

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I am referring to my real name, I created the account with my pen name.

Thank you so much vickiespencer. I’ll contact support right away.


I was actually referring to my real name. I opened the acount with my pen name.

Ok, now its good practice to contact customer support…

Thank you so much for your support.