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Id verification failed and account temporarily disabled

My id verification failed multiple times and eventually my account was temporarily disabled.
I think It failed because, there was only a passport Id verification option for my country(Nepal). I don’t have a passport yet. So, I submitted my citizenship card which is also a government id. And, I cannot go now and apply for passport Id because of the COVID crisis and everything is shut down in strict lockdown. Or maybe because of the picture quality?

I think my message to Customer support went on spam because I sent the message twice. It has been more than 4 days now, I have not got a reply from Customer support. I’m very panicked. If I lose my id and my works I’ll be in a big problem at this time of lockdown.
Can I get the attention of Customer support here? Or is there any way I can contact customer support besides mailing, because it might not work if my message was sent to spam.
I really hope that my problem could be solved as soon as possible. I’m a full-time freelancer with honest work ethics.


Unlikely, no. Fiverr customer support does not hang out on the forums. Those of us here are just fellow sellers/buyers, just like you. We have no access to your account to assist you with this. The only way you’ll find any resolution on this is to be patient, and talk to CS via the tickets system.

Thank you. But is there a chance for my ticket message to be seen even if it’s sent to spam?

To be honest, if Fiver, for some reason, views your messages to them as spam, then yes, it may be likely that they would choose not to respond. If you’ve sent any messages to Fiverr CS so far, please be patient, and they will respond if and when they are able.

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They communicated well with me and my issue. Thanks!

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Hi aasmii.
Can you please tell me how they solved your issue and how did you send the photo of your official ID? My account has been temporarily disabled for the same reason.
Thank you.

Is your account verified now? If so what are the process? please let me know
I have the same issue.