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ID verification failed

My ID verification failed a few hours ago and consequently my account got temporarily disabled. Now I can’t access my chats and communicate with my buyers. I’m so stressed out really. Does this mean the end of my carreer in fiverr? Someone please tell me how to deal with this.

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I suggest you use International Passport and a phone with a clear, crisp camera, and you are fine. You can message Fiverr support once (only once) for a redo, and when you are given a second chance, ensure you do it right. If you have someone with that type of a camera phone, please do.

Also, there is a lot we do not know—either if your country tallies with your means of Identification.

thank you @freelanceplus1 How long will it take divert support to get back to me?

24 hours or more. Be polite to them and don’t send it more than once; otherwise, it would be regarded as spam.

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This just happened to me and took almost a week with multiple tries until my ID was verified. I was ready to give up but contacted customer service through the site rather than e-mails to make sure my case would be resolved. Might not be the same situation for everyone. I was eventually verified with a clearer selfie and talking to a human instead of an automated response.

thanks so much guys I finally verified my ID. for anyone having trouble, just make sure you use a very clear camera and that all the wordings of your ID are visible. Also take a clear picture. Remove flash from your camera and ensure that there’s good lighting in the room. Thanks.


oh wow thats great alice

No, as soon as you get the verification to work your account will be re-enabled.

How long did it take ?

Happy to know hear…