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Id verification fails

Hello fiverr buddies,

Fiverr expecting to verify IDs (Maybe for US users). I tried many times by uploading my driver license and fiverr fails to verify my ID everything. Now, My account has been temporarily disabled. Does anyone facing same issue? How did you resolve it?

P.S : I have legitimate(Official) ID


Very sad! you can install mobile browser like Firefox or else and login your fiverr account by mobile. Scan your valid documents, Read fiverr Verification Articles and reupload again. Hope problem will be solved OR any another issues face, direct contact Fiverr Support. Thanks


Thank you for your suggestion! I have tried on mobile too. Same response. I have messaged to fiverr support. Let’s see what happens! I am really disappointed with the experience.

I feel your Experience. It’s really hampers to going up. Let’s waiting for reply Fiverr Support Message.


Waiting for reply Fiverr Support Message. Don’t worry.

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Yes! Let’s See. They said to wait for 24 hours!

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contact customer he will give you another chance again verify id

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After many tries my account finally got verified! :smiley: